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Starseeds II

The Q & A

As suggested in the first Starseeds Q &A, the subject is, in essence, an ET one, but in a “walk among us” sense, and without necessarily any conscious awareness of those incarnated as humans, the ones doing the walking, that this is the case. The subject was probably first highlighted on any scale by Dolores Cannon, who observed it with certain hypnosis subjects during the 1960s, but it received its most involved coverage, if you want to call it that, with the Law of One channellings two decades later.

Some of the following is repeated material – it can be found in Corey Goode, Law of One, Atlantis and Nikola Tesla posts, or forthcoming sequels to those posts – but is included here for completeness’ sake. Some of the questions pick up on points from the previous starseeds Q & A, including the ascension process, numbers of starseeds, walk-ins and where it is starseeds are hailing from. I’ll continue to include answers concerning ascension, NPCs and walk-ins under the umbrella of this subject, as well as densities where it seems pertinent, as they all relate to various forms of the human condition. Or incarnation, at any rate. 

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Are there starseeds who have taken the Covid vaccine? 



Given the potential for varying degrees of cognisance of starseed status – running the gamut from complete obliviousness to utmost clarity over one’s origins – it seemed feasible that some might have been so caught up in the illusion that can waylay Wanderers and hinder them in fulfilling their purpose for coming to Earth that they might have succumbed to the propaganda regarding the death jab. Certainly, the Ra Material seemed to intimate that it was possible to go entirely “off-mission”, and with such scope, it perhaps wouldn’t have been surprising if some were hoodwinked by the deception. It seems not, however (my next question would have been how this would have affected the 5D status of any such starseeds, but that one is now moot).



Q. Are Indigo children starseeds? All or some of them? 


All Indigo children are starseeds. 

Indigo children constitute the phenomenon of gifted or aware children (which is not to suggest that everyone who assumes they are or have an Indigo child necessarily is one). My reasoning in asking the question was the possibility that one might be an Indigo child and also a soul of advanced but Earth-only incarnations.



Q. If so, are they mostly walk-ins as children?



This was to clarify the “internal logic” with regard to previous answers. Even if not all children one might be inclined to classify as Indigo are, that would still be a significant number of children. But if less than 300 starseeds were incarnated as such from birth, that would be highly inconsistent. This answer suggests that there’s a significant level of walk-in activity during early childhood (and if 7 percent of the population are walk-ins, per a previous answer, that perhaps shouldn’t be overly surprising. It would be assumptive that those “walking out” agreed a limited, fixed-term experience prior to the starseed “taking over”).



Q. Have all NPCs only ever incarnated on Earth?



NPCs, or non-player characters (more can be found on NPCs here), have limited experience in some or several capacities, and the preponderance of humans on Earth could be classified under this term (albeit, my feeling is NPC isn’t the best of terms as it lends itself to the derogative).



Q. Have NPCs never been in 5D?



One factor in determining NPC status is that they have never been in 5D. This would make sense, as being an NPC isn’t about the absence of a soul – as some, probably the most popular, definitions would have it – but about how aware or conscious one is.



Q. Was the Ra Material accurate that there were close to 65 million starseeds (also quoted is “in excess of sixty million”)? 



Starseeds are referred to as Wanderers in the Law of One channellings. Self-professed Ra Material scholar David Wilcock reaches, it seems, several erroneous conclusions regarding Ra’s numbers, suggesting that, by now, “those numbers are significantly higher – possibly up to 300 million or more”. For more on the Ra Material, see this post.

The figure given in previous answers to the Q & A is 1 percent*, which is approximately 55m.

*Addendum 09/07/24: This piece appears to indicate the figure is considerably higher.



Q. Is it the case that Dark Forces (the Illuminati/ Cabal etc) have sought to pull starseeds off mission? 



This is per ex-Secret Space Programme (SSP) experiencer Corey Goode’s testimony. For more on Corey, see this post. Per Corey, Dark Forces were on the lookout for the gifted, attempting to bring them into dark programmes (MILABs) and corrupt them.

In similar regard, it seems the contention that “Many of the souls they deal with are starseed souls”, in respect of the Tall Greys in the “Moon base”, is incorrect.



Q. Are orbs mainly visiting starseeds?



These being Sphere Being Alliance orbs (per Corey Goode). The Sphere Being Alliance, of which Ra/the Blue Avians is a member, comprises five 6-9th density beings/races.



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that starseeds are mostly in 6D?



Ra says “The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density”. However, a subsequent answer suggests most are in 5D. Answers sometimes turn out to have specificity that wasn’t considered when asking the question, so it may be that this one was provided confirmation in respect of starseeds of Ra (most are in 6D, in as much as all starseeds of Ra are). Or it could be that “mostly” should simply be interpreted as “many”.



Q. What percentage of starseeds are 6D? In 5D? In 4D?


20 percent (6D) and 80 percent (5D) respectively. There are none in 4D.

As you can see, this suggests a slightly different weighting to the “mostly” in 6D. The Ra Material said of starseeds “Few there are of fourth density”; if that was accurate then, it seems there are even fewer now.



Q. Is it correct (per the Ra Material) that starseeds “have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe? The most common of these difficulties are alienation (also allergies)”?





Q. Is the Ra Material correct that a significant portion of Wanderers are those of Ra?



These of-Ra starseeds are all in 6D.



Q. What portion of starseeds are those of Ra?


20-50 percent.

This is one of those answers of peculiar specificity I mentioned above. It had me puzzling the broad range of the answer and why such a range should be given rather than a straightforward number. Evidently, if the earlier answer that 75 percent of starseeds are Pleiadeans was correct, something didn’t quite add up (the question was re-asked in respect of Pleiadeans and the percentage confirmed). It should also be noted that while percentage answers suggest accuracy, they aren’t as reliable as “yes” or “no” ones.



Q. Are 50 percent of Lemurian starseeds Ra starseeds?





Q. What percentage of starseeds of Ra are in in Atlantis? 





Q. Does the 20 percent figure for starseeds of Ra relate to those incarnated on the known Earth?



It would appear that this 20 percent figure can be found within the 2-3 percent of non-Pleiadean starseeds who are incarnated on the known Earth (that is, the Earth aside from Atlantis and Lemuria). 



Q. What percentage of starseeds on Earth are those of Ra overall?


15 percent.

This was what I was really angling for in the first place. Ra stated “A significant portion of sixth-density Wanderers are those of our social memory complex”.



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that, “if the forgetting is penetrated, the amount of catalyst in third-density will polarise the Wanderer with much greater efficiency”?



Ra seems to be saying that, once you remember you’re a wanderer/starseed, you’re likely to vault forward in your D-ness (“greatly accelerating the density”) much more effectively than you would in “higher and more harmonious densities”. 

Rephrasing the question to ask if remembering starseed status accentuated the potential for achieving the purpose for which one had incarnated on Earth, the answer was “Yes”. It does seem the Wanderer experience can give such a soul a “boost” in terms of polarisation (one of the reasons Ra cites for such an incarnation, along with aiding the harvest and recapitulating a learning or teaching considered less than perfect). It may be the issue was asking in respect of “third-density”, if starseeds are already in 5D (a difference between the Wanderer experience as Ra addressed it and the one for starseeds now). Alternatively, it may be something to do with the some of the stresses Ra places on the starseed experience…



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that a starseed may have to repeat the master cycle of third density if they become negatively orientated?



Ra has it that “If the Wanderer entity demonstrated through action a negative orientation towards other-selves it would be as we have said before, caught into the planetary vibration and, when harvested, possibly repeat again the master cycle of third density as a planetary entity. 



Q. Is Higher Self both Source and the 6D future status of the soul because the soul develops a permanent connection to Source at a certain point during 6D development?



This is one of those where, I suspect, attempting to define one’s terms on a 3D physical level is inadequate and grossly simplified. At any rate, it initially appeared to be something of a contradiction, as earlier answers suggested the Higher Self was not individualised and, essentially, represented Source. 

This was reconfirmed when considering Ra’s suggestion that Higher Self represented the 6D future status of the soul, which would mean both are accurate. Logically then, while it seems there are individuated beings progressing all the way up to 30D or thereabouts – that is, who have not returned to Source – part of those beings/souls maintains an ongoing connection to Source after a certain point in 6D.



Q. Are the Blue Avians correct that less than 300,000 are due to ascend? 



This number comprises those humans due to transition – or who have transitioned – to 5D. Albeit those of Ra referred to 4D. And actual ascension relates to 5D and (in the cases of some starseeds) 6D. The 300,000 figure came from Corey’s Blue Avian contact, rather than the Law of One Material, which didn’t project any numbers. They did provide them for previous “harvests”, though.



Q. Does this figure relate to NPCs?  



Starseeds aren’t part of this number because they are already in 5D. However – caveat time – there are starseeds in the ascension number, it seems. A portion of those ascending are starseeds who are moving from 5D to 6D (for a more specific quantification, see a subsequent answer).



Q. Is ascension essentially a consciousness shift, rather than one of the physical body?



It seemed worth clarifying this outright, since in both the Ra Material and the Corey Goode material interpretations can be somewhat garbled. Particularly when we start throwing terms like “bifurcation of timelines” about.



Q. In relation to which density is the ascension process?



Corey Goode and David Wilcock repeat Ra’s riff on 4D being the focus. This may have been accurate then (the early 1980s), but it seems it’s now all about 5D. Again, however, the caveat to this is those starseeds ascending from 5D to 6D, although this is yet to happen for the relevant souls (see answer below).



Q. Does Corey’s 300,000 ascension figure relate to the 144,000 of The Book of Revelation?



This is the number who will ascend.

144,000 is referenced in The Book of Revelation, of course. It is often taken as the select few chosen during end-times tribulations (identified as 12,000 from each tribe of the Children of Israel; Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret the figure as relating to those who will reign with Christ in heaven). The most curious aspect of this is that it appears to be a fixed number. In contrast, the Blue Avians (as reported by Corey) and the Ra Material make a big thing about stressing the need to strive for a maximum “harvest”.

It also appears 144,000 is the actual number (and on the subject of Revelation, it seems the book was neither “White Hat” nor “Black Hat” in intention; it is simply what it is). 

Further, and as alluded above, the 144,000 include not only those humans transiting to 5D, but also those moving to 6D; since 6D is no longer physical (in most cases), they will exit their physical Earth incarnations (for his part, when discussing the projected move to 4D, Ra stipulated that “those who are harvested shall be harvested as their natural lifetime of incarnational lessons draws to a close”).



Q. With regard to the 144,000, will there be another opportunity for ascension? 



There will be no further ascension for humans (NPCs) on Earth. 



Q. Will NPC souls have to incarnate elsewhere in the Universe to proceed?



Those souls that wish to progress will need to gain that experience elsewhere in Universe.



Q. Are the 144,000 a mixture of starseeds moving from 5D to 6D and humans who were once NPCs (but no longer are because they are now in 5D)?



This point has already been outlined in commentary to earlier answers, but this is the explicit clarification. There are points when receiving answers on some subjects where it’s as if a curveball has been lobbed into play. It seemed the ascension process did not involve starseeds; that was my assumption, based initially on the Ra Material and then on Q & A answers. While that is correct, it is only so up to the point where it relates to a shift to 5D. A portion of those ascending are also starseeds, in that they’re moving from 5D to 6D.



Q. Are those in the 144,000 who are moving to 6D only moving to 6D when they die (at the end of their natural lives)?



The reason for this is ostensibly that 6D is a non-physical state. However, more precisely, it may be a non-physical state. Certainly, it seems there are some in 6D who have physical incarnations, and that those who are 6D negative such as Anunnaki have no option but to be physically incarnated (in 3D bodies). In the case of this transition, then, it may simply be the case that energetically/ in terms of awareness, this shift cannot take place in a current physical body.



Q. How many starseeds are in the 144,000? Was it to make up numbers (that the opportunity was open to them?)


There are 51,000 are starseeds moving to 6D (so slightly more than a third).

This was always planned; it was not to make up numbers, and it wasn’t down to a shortfall or humans “failing to make the grade”.



Q. Are the Earth’s 25,000-year cycles necessary in terms of ascension?



This turns out to be something of a 2+2=5, albeit based on Ra Material inference. Ra refers to the current period being the end of the Earth’s third 25,000-year cycle, indicating that the “harvest” takes place at the end of such cycles. It seems, however, that while there are 25,000-year cycles, there have been only two in toto. And, if Atlantis moved to 5D 20,000 years ago, per previous answers, its transition would not have been based on the referenced 25,000-year period.



Q. Are the 1,000 years of peace and righteousness of Revelation related to this (to current events and the ascension process)?



The period referred to in The Book of Revelation is actual, and its ushering in is part of events occurring now.



Q. When this 1,000-year period ends, will a shift occur that leads to humans evolving into Greys?



Previous answers have indicated that future-human Greys – as opposed to Zeta Reticulan Greys – begin to evolve about 1,000 years from now. Parsing the distinction in the answer above would probably require a few more dots to be joined in terms of what will transpire, then, but it seems the Greys’ eventuation is not a consequence of the end of the 1,000-years of peace, but neither is it a coincidence that they evolve after this date. Evidently, when that period ends, the Greys will eventually come to be (these Greys will comprise humans who choose to continue incarnating on Earth).



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that those starseeds who aided Atlantis are in 6D?



This is part of Ra’s assessment that most starseeds are in 6D. To the degree that Ra provided specifics, he/they – “I am Ra” – indicated all of Ra were in 6D and all who had aided Atlantis in its development were in 6D.



Q. Are there Atlanteans and Lemurians in 6D?



This would make sense, given the periods in which they transitioned to 5D (in Atlantis’ case, 20,000 years ago).



Q. Did Atlantis undergo a bifurcation?



That is, at one stage, there were those in Atlantis who had moved to 5D while there were also those still in 3D.



Q. Has the bifurcation of the (known – our) Earth taken place?



That is, those moving to 5D have already moved to 5D.



Q. When did the transition to 5D take place? From 2012?



The transition to 5D took place from 2012. It was a gradual transition, and it is now complete (for those moving to 5D. There is the aforementioned caveat of those moving to 6D, who will do so only after they have popped their clogs).



Q. When did the transition from 4D take place? From 1987?



1987 was the date of the Harmonic Convergence. I’m aware of the objections to the validity of both these dates in terms of any purported legitimate relationship to the Mayan calendar (used to underline their significance), but it seems, in terms of the answers provided, that both are authentic.



Q. Could a 5D (Atlantean) human make themselves visible to a 3D physical human?



As I understand it, it would be a case of choosing to do so, though. Atlantis is “cloaked” from the rest of humanity, in 5D. This would also be the case with a 5D Pleiadean and a 3D human (a 6D Pleiadean can contact a 5D Pleiadean in a physical body).

Much of this line of reasoning was inspired by the explanations Ra gives concerning the 4D physical Orion Group not (generally) appearing physically “due to the necessity for concentration upon a rather difficult vibrational complex which is the third density you experience”.



Q. Are Atlanteans (like Tesla) 5D but 3D physical?


5D Atlanteans’ physical bodies are in 5D.

A 5D Atlantean could touch a 3D human if they so wished (so not dissimilarly to making themselves visible to 3D humans).



Q. Does a physically incarnated 5D Atlantean or Pleiadean have to adjust their perception/ energy to be aware of a 3D environment and people?



So it seems both dimensions are (relatively) mutually exclusive on a day-to-day basis, albeit it’s much less likely a 3D human could perceive a 5D Atlantean or Pleiadean. For more on this, see the Tesla answers below.



Q. Does 7D return to Source?



Or not per se. This comes from the Ra Material, and that seems to be what Ra’s suggesting.

Although, to be fair to Ra, he/they – “I am Ra” – appears to propose several possibilities in respect of this prospective (for him) status. We are told that “At the seventh level or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all”, and Ra later references “The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass”.

But we are also told the Council of Saturn “is located in the octave, or eighth dimension, of the planet Saturn”. And 8D is that of “intelligent infinity’ and “moves into a mystery we do not plumb”; Ra confirms that the Law of One is a progression towards 8D in all galaxies. And also rather artfully suggests “the eighth note begins a new octave”. So maybe it’s wishful thinking or just mumbled clarity on Ra’s part about “existing in the all”.

Certainly, when we get to more recent missives from the Sphere Being Alliance, Ra seems quite happy to be in with a crowd of 6-9D ETs. Again, it would make sense to assume part of the soul’s awareness has a connection with “allness” after a certain density (mid-6D), even if it doesn’t quite represent the degree of “reabsorption” Ra was envisaging.



Q. How high do densities go before returning to Source?


In the region of the 30th or 30 densities. 



Q. Is 6D negative the highest density Service to Self can reach?



Souls may either follow a path of Service to Others (positive) or Service to Self (negative). According to Ra “during the earlier part of the sixth-density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth-density positive. The suggestion being that “oversoul” manifestation (occurring in late 6D) cannot be achieved in the negative. Where this positions the 6D negative AI – from the antimatter universe – in the scheme of things warrants further consideration.



Q. Can humans’ investment in their pets facilitate their – the pets’ – transition from 2D to 3D?



 Ra informs us that “The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body complexes, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit… This is often done through the opportunity of what you call pets”.



Q. Is Nikola Tesla a starseed?



Tesla is Pleiadean starseed. 



Q. Did Tesla live earlier than we are told?





Q. Is Tesla Atlantean?





Q. What was Tesla’s original time period?


Tesla came from Atlantis, 900 years prior to the nineteenth century.



Q. Is Tesla in 5D and in a 5D physical body?



I’d previously understood him to be 5D in a 3D physical body, but I do have a bit of trouble sorting my Ds, so you’ll have to excuse me (I need to sit in the corner of the room wearing a D cap).



Q. Is Tesla’s body (the one we see him in in photos) a 5D body made visible? 



His is a 5D body made visible to 3D.

I did wonder if he had maybe “walked-in” to a 3D body (the one we see as Tesla), but it seems Nikola has achieved a great many things on a great many levels, some physical in our terms, some very much less (but no less actualised on their level of reality).

Addendum 26/11/23: Atlantean 5D Tesla did indeed walk-in to the physical 3D Tesla. It was a mutually agreed arrangement.



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