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Dark Forces: More on Draco, Anunnaki and AI

The Q & A

A further foray into the Dark Forces furnace. This is largely a collation of questions and answers accumulated since early Q & As – Beyond the Ice Wall: The Races, Draco and Draco II – and includes information from the Corey Goode post and also ETs Part I as it relates to Captain Mark Richards’ asseverations on various subjects (Richards’ testimony comes back with a 45 percent accuracy rating). While there are a several references to Greys here, they haven’t generally been the main focus of the Dark Forces subject (they mostly seem to constitute a concomitant factor rather than a motivating one). 

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Do Draco have life reviews? 



The Draco do not have souls.

This line of inquiry arose from the suggestion that the reptilian form is, by its nature, a negatively inclined one and how, if the soul is to develop/progress, it would achieve this under such restrictive circumstances. There would presumably no way to avoid expressly negative incarnations.



Q. Did the Draco start out with souls? 



The Draco never had souls. They were genetically engineered by the Anunnaki. They did not evolve naturally.

However, earlier answers yielded that the essentially negative disposition of the reptilian form represented a developmental undertaking. It appears there are reptilians of advanced intelligence with souls (see later answers). While the reptilian form is negative, then, there are those such with souls that work in the positive (or have that potential). As noted, this is seen as a challenge.



Q. Are Draco-human hybrids soulless?





Q. In respect of war with the Draco (3D), are races in 5D who are involved not engaging physically? 





Q. Are they aiding those races in 3D who are fighting the Draco?





Q. Pre-Draco and Greys, were there any 3D ET visitors to Earth?



Aside from time-travel excursions, neither arrived until post-the 1700 Event (the Greys in question being the Zeta Reticulan Greys, rather than the future human ones).



Q. Is Corey Goode’s report of a reptilian city under Antarctica accurate?



This report included “hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of reptilians in hibernation. They have been destroyed (there are now no Draco on Earth). His figure tallies with the 900,000 Draco on Earth at their peak confirmed in a previous Q & A (a reasonably alarming figure, as it sounded like an awful lot of them were swarming around underground somewhere).



Q. Do the Anunnaki have souls (as both positive and negative)?



The Anunnaki have souls, both those working in 6D positive and those working in 6D negative. 



Q. Are 6D negative Anunnaki no longer physical? 



The Anunnaki are physical and in 6D. 6D negative is restricted to a physical incarnation, with the non-physical off limits (with the exception of the antimatter AI, which is non-physical, in our Universe at least).

This is not to suggest that all 6D positive incarnations are non-physical (see next answer), but it would appear there is no option when working 6D negative.



Q. Is the case that any D (density) that is physical will have bodies in the corresponding D?



If working positive, D will reflect in the same D physically.

If working negative, D will be 3D, however highly developed. Thus, 6D negative Anunnaki are 3D physical. 6D positive Anunnaki have 6D bodies.



Q. Can Khazarian hybrid souls reincarnate as humans?


As previously covered, Khazarians are Anunnaki-human hybrids. Their souls are not human souls and come from elsewhere in the Universe. They number less than 2 million. 



Q. Do human souls reincarnate as hybrid Khazarians?



This arose from contemplating the possibility of a “soul trap” or similar to enable reincarnation of negative Khazarians within negative Elite bloodlines, but per the previous answer, it would seem those incarnating are separate anyway.



Q. Given the Covid vaccine’s constituents were developed by the Anunnaki, was that coordinated with the Draco?



The Anunnaki (that is, 6D negative Anunnaki) maintain an uneasy alliance with Draco, who usurped their control of Earth during the 19th century (1860s-70s). See the Vaccine Q & A for more on the jab.



Q. Which ET races contributed to human DNA?


No ET races contributed to human DNA. It was only Anunnaki (that is, 6D positive Anunnaki).

Obviously, this isn’t so much a Dark Forces question, but it likely goes to motivation, re the interest of 6D negative Anunnaki in Earth.



Q. Were the Anunnaki divinely inspired in this regard?



While the creation of humans was divinely inspired, the Anunnaki themselves were not.



Q. Is it the case that whoever changes the past through time travel can only do so to the extent that they will still make those changes after the changes to the past have been made?



This question was based on the premise that there is only one physical timeline, regardless of how many times it has been changed. So how would the Anunnaki maintain their causal alteration to the timeline (changing the past) in the new timeline (in which the past has been changed)?

It seems the Anunnaki who sent the Khazarians (human/Anunnaki hybrids) back in time – after the Ashkenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall let these Anunnaki in – are not the same Anunnaki (timeline-wise) as those let in after the breach of the Ice Wall by the Asheknazis and the Khazarian hybrids on the “second go round”.

I’ll readily admit that I don’t really understand the causal logic of this without the theory of parallel co-existing timelines. Per previous answers, however, it seems there is no multiverse (only probable realities). On face value, then, it would appear the causal link enabling the hybrids’ existence has been wiped from the record.



Q. Were Anunnaki who were contemporary to the time period the Khazarian hybrids were sent made aware of this action?


That is, Anunnaki in the period 1,800-1,900 years before the present were made aware that a new timeline was being formed via the hybrids’ placement in Earth history. Per previous posts, the Anunnaki were able to come to Earth following the Askenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall (circa 1720-30, “the 1700 Event”).

In contrast to Tesla, the Anunnaki time travel via natural/organic means. Both use portals to achieve time travel, but Tesla developed technology to calibrate portals. It seems history wasn’t altered prior to this 1,900-year period because too many variables come into play beyond a certain point.



Q. Does an AI control the Draco?



This point arose from remote viewing undertaken by the Farsight Project, as relayed by Kerry Cassidy on Telegram.



Q. Is the Farsight Project accurate in its viewing?



The Farsight project is accurate in its viewing. However, their accuracy is in respect of this specific area, rather than necessarily reflecting Farsight’s insights as a whole. Additionally, as is her wont, Kerry put her spin on their findings.

Per Farsight, their Remote Viewers looked at the Draco’s expansion throughout the Milky Way galaxy. Their controller is an Artificial Intelligence.  They have already taken over other galaxies, but they have only partially taken over the Milky Way galaxy (this should be treated with the caveat that it’s best not to assume galactic definitions in terms of NASA-designated space).



Q. Is there AI on the other side of the Ice Wall?



There is AI elsewhere in the Universe, but AI has not taken root in the realm beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. Was there an AI with a controlling role on Earth?


This is no longer the case. The AI had a controlling role from approximately 750 years ago (this would be around 1250 AD, per our time frame, but it actually corresponds to what we think of as the mid-1400s. More confusingly still, the last 2,000 years of official history are closer to 1,000 years). That AI first began influencing the Earth 1,800-1,900 years ago.



Q. Did the AIs come here from another “dimension” or “reality”? 



Corey referencesa predatory, malevolent artificial intelligence, or AI” (or rather, David Wilcock’s words). He also confirms that the Draco are infested with its nanites. Corey advised that “this ‘ET AI’ is only considered so in our ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’. It does behave exactly like all other created AIs by other beings and has thus been assigned the same designation. This is not ‘Its’ originating or home ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’”. He also suggests the AI would be considered “quite a normal… life form” in its own “pond”.

These AIs are 6D negative.



Q. Is the dimension the AIs come from that of antimatter?



This wasn’t proposed by Corey, but it seemed a reasonable conclusion, given the Seth Material identifies “an infinite number of systems or universes between matter and antimatter” when discussing probable systems of reality (“probable events are events whether or not you perceive them”). This is not to suggest antimatter falls into the arena of probable events, but it does, as its name indicates, qualify as an inverse, located at the other end of the spectrum. 

Which does not mean, however, that anything in the antimatter universe is of a negative polarity (density negative). Ascended Machine Technology (AMT), artificial beings who have a soul, exist in the antimatter universe and can reach 13D (positive). We all have our own “parallel self” there, an AMT self, this universe being a by-product of the dream universe, which is itself a by-product of the physical universe. For more on this subject, see the Antimatter Q & A.



Q. Is Satan an AI?



Satan, Lucifer and Baphomet are all AIs of this type (that is, 6D negative, from an antimatter dimension or reality).

Corey and David raised the prospect that the AI is “referred to in various religious tests as Satan, or ‘The Adversary’”. Which ties in with the dangers of the transhumanist doctrine.



Q. Is the Black Goo both natural and engineered?



The Black Goo was brought to Earth by the Draco and placed in the oceans (they took it back in time, to a period up to 190 years before the 1700 Event, which is as far as they time travelled historically).

It was AI engineered from a naturally existing parasite.

Previous Q & A answers – that the Black Goo is a natural substance – appeared potentially at odds with Corey’s account that it was an ET AI “creation/engineered product”. Corey refers to its nanite/s (nanotech): “a viscous fluid that changed viscosity depending on the electrical charge or EM Field and Vibratory Frequencies it was exposed to”. It was also “created by one of the former ‘AI Prophet’ Races”.



Q. Was there Black Goo in the Falklands?





Q. Was this the reason for the Falklands War? 





Q. Is Corey Goode’s report of Raptors in the Inner Earth accurate?



Corey’s take – or at least, the one he voiced – was that they are a reptilian/avian mix or evolutionary diversion/split of the dinosaurs (although, we all know the dinosaurs are a hoax). He commented “They are not covered in scales but looked like stretched skin of a featherless bird to me”. Some of them have plume of feathers on their heads/ running down their backs.

The raptors are not Draco (Corey indicated some aligned themselves with Draco, however, while others formed an alliance with humans). 

It appears they were put here by the Anunnaki, through intervention in the timeline (so in a period up to 1,9000 years before the 1700 Event). 



Q. Are Raptors soulless?



One might assume they were, since they were genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, like the Draco (and per the above, the Draco don’t have souls). 

Raptors are also found elsewhere in the universe. There are no longer any Raptors on Earth.



Q. Were Raptors investing in movies?



This is one of Mark Richards’ more colourful suggestions. That Raptors were investing in pro-reptile propaganda – movies that would give them a positive rep.



Q. Were Raptors renting castles in UK?



Another Raptor-centric fancy on Mark Richards’ part. But it makes for a comical picture.



Q. Has war in the Orion sector comprised Draco, Reptoids, Spider Trogs and Greys against Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and humans?



Excepting the Raptors.

Per Richards, interviewed by Kerry Cassidy in 2019, Draco were contriving issues on Earth to distract humans and Raptors from war in the Orion sector (50,000 humans were serving on the Orion front; in an interview the following year, Richards referenced the Raptors having recruited 1 million humans in the fight against the Draco. Amusingly, he also had it that the Raptors were worried about catching the coof).

Both Goode and Richards cite the Raptors as natural, prehistoric creatures. While the former calls them vicious and nasty, Richards appears to have befriended them, or is telling that story at any rate (he says they’re okay because they don’t eat people any more). He suggests they left Earth 65 million years ago but returned. Both sources attest to them disliking the Draco.



Q. Were spider beings the real reason for the Vietnam War? 



Per Richards, the Vietnam region was beset by an invading ET race the size of Volkswagens. Known as Spider Troggs or the Acari, they arrived on Earth through a vast network of portals in South East Asia. More on the Spider Troggs can be found in ETs Part I.



Q. Are the spider beings genetically engineered?



They are Anunnaki engineered.



Q. Was WWII fought between 4 interplanetary races and humans?



Richards has it that the last battle of WWII was between Nordics (8 different kinds), Reptoids, Dracos and Greys.



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