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A brief update here, replete with the usual EBS-related inquiries. There’s also a return to the agenda of Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming film Oppenheimer and a couple of questions on where the situation stands with regard to fallout from the jab (the latter subject has previously been looked at in The Vaccine Q & A).

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Was there a delay to the global corruption announcement EBS in April?



The EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) was planned for the last few days of the month (it had not been scheduled prior to this during April).



Q. Is a global corruption announcement EBS planned in May?



Always this month… this month…



Q. Is a stock market crash planned to precede the global corruption announcement EBS?



This suggestion is per Graham Hodsdon’s video from just over a month ago. He optimistically suggested NESARA/GESARA would be announced in the first few days of April, part of which would be the EBS, the fabled 10 Days of Darkness and the institution of the QFS. A key part of the process being the crash of the stock market: “When it crashes that is the complete end of it”.


Does that mean EBS won’t happen without it? I’d guess it isn’t absolutely essential, but it certainly seems to be envisaged as an intrinsic component. That being the case, the stock market would have needed to crash on 27 or 28 April for the subsequent planned EBS to take place (the answer confirming it was planned for last month was on 26 April).



Q. How many people have died worldwide from effects of the Covid vaccine so far?


20-25 million.

When this was previously asked, the figure was almost 10 million (that answer was received 7 November 2022, the above on 1 May). If those figures are correct, then fatalities have more than doubled in 6 months.



Q. How many people will need treatment for effects of the jab, either due to receiving it directly or through shedding?


Approximately 400 million.

This is from a population of the known world of approximately 5 billion, so about 8 percent.

While there was little doubt the figures for those receiving the shot were grossly inflated by governments, presumably in the hope it would trigger a snowball effect in uptake, the potential for exposure to its nasties by other means – from PCR tests, from shedding by the vaccinated – was much less quantifiable. 

This question was intentionally intended loosely, as deleterious effects may vary widely, up to and including being ultimately terminal. I also used the word “need”, which may merit follow-up clarification (one might suffer some form of permanent adverse effect without necessarily “needing” treatment).



Q. Is the Oppenheimer film set to reveal that nuclear bombs aren’t real?



I’ve been here before with this question, but with the months inching closer to Oppenheimer’s scheduled July release, I’ve been given pause several times as to whether I’m misunderstanding something (assuming, of course, the answer is correct).



Q. Is there an alternate version of Oppenheimer that does not reveal the truth about nuclear weapons, to be used if necessary?



Again, this is me wondering about contingencies. Throwing Oppenheimer to the world in an environment where the global corruption EBS hasn’t occurred surely wasn’t envisaged. An audience in one scenario will be receptive towards such a – ahem – bombshell. The audience in the other considerably less so. 



Q. Was Nagasaki firebombed?



If the movie is covering the truth, it will surely include the actual means of devastation inflicted on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Firebombing is the most popular theory amongst the conspirasphere, but it seems it isn’t the whole story…



Q. Was Hiroshima firebombed?



It was not firebombed, nor was it nuked. It was bombed in a different way.

The reported footage from Oppenheimer shown at Comicon suggests the picture unfolds by way of a framing narrative, whereby Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Lewis Strauss (Robert Downey Jr, deceased) interviews those who oversaw the Los Alamos bomb development, based on the reasoning that leaks allowed the Soviet Union to develop its own device (so this framing part of the movie is presumably taking place in 1949 or thereabouts). Assuming the reveal-of-the-nuke-lie, the framing would logically either be because Strauss is incredulous the Soviets are claiming something he has been assured is impossible, or because he’s completely in the dark. Cue Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) fessing up. 



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