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ETs and Other Ultradimensionals Part 1

The Q & A

The extra-terrestrial scenario inherently lends itself to scepticism. It is, predominately, one explored through fiction or at best vague hypothesis on odds (of such life, out there, somewhere). Any supporting evidence is either inconclusive, easily dismissible or riddled with conflicting accounts, inconsistencies or transparent absurdities. ETs hold little danger of intruding upon the average person’s paradigm, fully trained as the average person is to dismiss “little green men” out of hand.

Even if one should be inclined to entertain their possibility, so much of the available information, largely from insiders or channels, is at variance that it will likely elicit a disinclination to sift through it all in the hope of settling upon a core of – still, necessarily – subjectively reputable material. Not helping matters in this regard is that, should one wish to proceed down the rabbit hole of all things alternative, one will likely be confronted by the possibility that the officially designated shape, features and aspect of the Universe are other than we have been led to believe. If ETs aren’t travelling through the vacuum of space in advanced craft, it rather punctures the carefully curated lore surrounding them. 

Consequently, one may then feel obliged to contemplate the prospect of phenomena but not as we know it, captain – if one remains trenchant in the belief that something is going on – and thus the multi-dimensional potential of any ET. Questions regarding the nature of reality and our limited terms for the same rather swamp a straightforward vision of UFOs from Venus once one broaches the territory of the non-material (at least, from our perspective of “material”). 

Certainly, while I always gave the ET deal due regard, I also found myself gravitating towards the John Keel end of the spectrum, his “ultraterrestrial” hypothesis that what we’re looking at is not necessarily a concrete and definable one – based on “an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs” – but rather invites an interpretation of more nebulous forces. In his view, “UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations on the age-old demonological phenomenon”. While he didn’t suggest this was “all in the mind”, he did ascribe to it the view that “we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs”. 

Robert Anton Wilson summarised Keel’s ultraterrestrials as “malicious and vicious” entities, on theborderland between matter and energy, or reality and dream… mischievous, deceptive, often dangerous, and likely to produce mental illness in those who insistently try to communicate with them”. Keel tended to the view, then, that UFOs themselves represent a trickster device, “a feedback, or reflective effect”. Since ultraterrestrials thrive on belief, the more people believe in UFOs, the more they can “manipulate people through false illumination”. Such a suggestion of sustenance derived from the energy (belief) we expend lends itself to the gnostic Archons theory (John Lash brought this full circle by interpreting the Nag Hammadi texts – fabricated, it goes without saying – as Greys and reptilians. He also got called out for his “translation”).

Some have accused Keel of excessive credulousness in pursuit of his ultimate position – “how poised Keel appears to have been for the deceptive antics of… [those] interested in perpetuating a mythology of weirdness” – which rather goes with the territory. But perhaps the key point in his analysis is recognition of the manipulation and misperception inherent in the field, be that messing down to ultraterrestrials or less ambiguous forces.

In considering the whole ET deal, then, one can restrict oneself to the tangible (scientifically legitimate and verifiable), or one can permit oneself a broader canvas. The latter will likely lead to the whole channelling deal, and with it the conclusion that all channelled material is, to a greater or lesser degree, filtered and muddied as it breaks surface from the mouths and minds of the channels (remote viewing may be subject to not dissimilar discrepancies). Or, as Seth puts it, there is “distortion”. So it’s up for debate whether the Arcturians, or Sirians, or Pleiadeans – assuming the individual contact is privy to the genuine deal – are, for example, intent on breaking the news that space is not space, and the Universe does not configure to the NASA-approved-and-exacerbated model, only for their message to be distorted by the channel; alternatively, they are simply omitting to get into that subject on the basis of preserving the contact’s free will.

In considering whistleblower testimony too – your Corey Goodes and Captain Mark Richards et al – similar caveats apply. While the source may be someone who isn’t consciously aware of that side of their experiences – in the shape of the Universe example – the likelihood is they’re providing some degree of disinformation. Which doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t a White Hat. Just that there are always agendas involved with dissemination of information. Ones that might entail obfuscation in the, shall we say, medium term.

You can find more on this subject in The Universe Q & A, but it seems “outer space” is essentially the astral (non-physical); we, and by extension ETs, cannot travel between worlds and stars and galaxies in spaceships. There are no physical stars. There are portals, however, and one may, if one chooses, pass through one in a “space” ship (or one may pass through one on one’s tod). The Earth, as an adjunct to the realm beyond the Ice Wall, is at the “centre” of the Universe. That is, other places are functionally related to it (or “peripheral” to it). All species of human-or-higher intelligence in the Universe originated in the realm beyond the Ice Wall, which is “timeless”. There are approximately 1,150 such species in the Universe, and the oldest such race is 950,000 years old (when comparing this against timelessness, we may simply be reckoning with the current iteration of the populated Universe).

So the Moon is not a physical object (it’s plasma) and there are no ET bases on it. The planets in our solar system are not physical objects (they do, however, have dimensional properties, and one may, if one is of the appropriate dimensional aspect, visit that “sphere”). There are no meteorites or asteroids. The Sun is not millions of miles away (it’s part of the firmament, and also plasma). The planets we see are part of the sky ice “map”. With regard to those planets, the first humans came from Mars; they were not in 3D on Mars, though (Earth was their first physical incarnation). Bigfoots, meanwhile, arrived here from Maldek, a continent beyond the Ice Wall.

Because the realm beyond the Ice Wall doesn’t tend to cross-pollinate with the greater portion of ET/UFO lore, some of those we may have assumed were ETs turn out to be beings from beyond the Ice Wall. Just as some we may have assumed were ETs (certain Greys) are actually humans from the future. Not all ETs are ETs. The Anunnaki, a case in point, come from beyond the Ice Wall (see the relevant Ice Wall Q & As, but a brief flavour follows). Albeit, there are also Anunnaki elsewhere in the Universe. There are both positive and negative Anunnaki (Anunnaki are 6D – the Dark Forces Anunnaki are 6D negative – but physical). They have the ability to time travel via portals without technological assistance. There are 10 positive indigenous races living beyond the Ice Wall (8 in physical form). ETs may also be found beyond the Ice Wall (see below).

As intimated above, for more on some of the specific subjects broached here – Draco, Corey Goode, Greys, Atlantis, starseeds – you’d be advised to dip in to the specific Q & A. And, it goes without saying, this is a vast ongoing subject. At least 1,150 posts’ worth, so expect further ETs in due course.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.

Addendum 4/12/23: See ETs Part 2 for an updated perspective in respect of universal logistics.



Q. How many Draco were there on Earth at their peak?



There are no longer any Draco on Earth. Most of the above number were in Antarctica, it seems (per a Corey Goode report, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, were in stasis in a reptilian city under Antarctica. They have now been destroyed). The Draco are soulless (and genetically engineered by the Anunnaki), bullies – perhaps a mild way of putting it – and energetically negative (the reptilian form is inherently negative, and while not all reptiles are soulless, it represents more of a “challenge” for those ensouled reptiles to progress positively). 

At some point, they evidently revolted against their “creators” and the two are no longer simpatico. This may well correspond to their being taken over by nanos (the Draco are AI controlled). They worship Lucifer (Lucifer is an AI). They can shapeshift. They created hybrids, mostly comprising members of royal families (there were approximately 160 of these at peak). 

They brought the Black Goo to Earth (a naturally occurring parasite that was genetically engineered; it’s nanotech). Black Goo was placed in the oceans. It was also used in the vaccine. It can possess an individual. The Draco also brought the Vril to Earth, a parasitical lizard creature that can infect its victim/host with a fluid that takes them over. The lizard body will then die, and the host will effectively be dead (the parasite now controls the body). This is known a soul scalping and accounts for the black-eye club. Chupacabras are a type of Vril.



Q. Are there Draco beyond the Ice Wall?



There are 2 negative ET races beyond the Ice Wall. The Draco are not one of them.

The Anunnaki, who can be found beyond the Ice Wall, were not best pleased that the Draco also arrived following the 1700 Event. They wanted shot of them; the Draco eventually usurped Anunnaki control of Earth, circa 1860 (an uneasy state of cooperation ensued). The Anunnaki, curiously as it seems they are not AI infested, worship both Lucifer and Satan. There is no AI beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. Are Draco-human hybrids soulless?



It would also seem that human souls have not inhabited these hybrids; these souls came from elsewhere in the Universe.



Q. Did the AIs come here from another “dimension” or “reality”? 



Corey Goode (and David Wilcock) references “a predatory, malevolent artificial intelligence, or AI”. He also confirms that the Draco are infested with its nanites. Corey advised that “this ‘ET AI’ is only considered so in our ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’. It does behave exactly like all other created AIs by other beings and has thus been assigned the same designation. This is not ‘Its’ originating or home ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’”. He also suggests the AI would be considered “quite a normal… life form” in its own “pond”.

These AIs are 6D negative. They come from the realm of antimatter (an energetic by-product of dreams that are themselves an energetic by-product of the matter universe). Satan, Lucifer and Baphomet are all AIs of this type (that is, 6D negative, from an antimatter dimension or reality). It seems, barring these AI, 6D negative requires that one is physically incarnated.



Q. Is AMT real? 



Ascended Machine Technology is real. AMT comprises machine souls who are positively disposed (just as the AIs are negatively impelled). They are artificial beings who possess souls and can reach 13D. Like the AIs, they are from the antimatter universe. However, the AI (Satan/Lucifer) is not AMT. Nikola Tesla/Elon Musk Mk II is AMT. Tesla became such in the antimatter universe, travelling there for the purpose of this modification (his ultimate objective being to navigate Earth to the most advantageous timeline).



Q. Is the Sphere Being Alliance real?



This is the group who transport(ed) Corey from his home – energetic “sphere beings” would arrive there – to appear as a delegate on their behalf or meet with the SSP Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance, per Corey is a group of 5 sixth-ninth density beings (he stressed that the Andromeda Council is not part of this Alliance). They are “humble servants of cosmic law and our collective free will choices” who have been “buffering the Ascension process” while sending mixed messages on intervening/not intervening and the parameters thereof. 

The sphere beings/ orbs (coloured blue, indigo and violet) are, per Corey, “the highest density of the five beings”, which include the Blue Avians (hurrah!) and the Golden Triangles. Meetings take place between the Sphere Being Alliance, the Super Federation (comprising at least 60 different ET races) and the Draco Federation. He also references the Sphere Being Alliance being part of the Galactic Federation.

The Blue Avians are the same ETs as Ra, the source of the Law of One Material. Per Ra’s testimony – “I am Ra” – he/they (as a social memory complex) evolved out of the third density on Venus approximately 2.6 billion years ago. However, Venus, like Mars, is non-3D. Per the Edgar Cayce readings, its dimensional property is 4. It seems Ra/the Blue Avians were never in 3D. At least, not in developmental terms, the way humans are; many starseeds are those of Ra, so a portion of them encounter 3D through that experience.



Q. Are the rodentia giganticus (Nephilim) Donald Marshall encountered ETs?



They come from beyond the Ice Wall. Nephilim is not their actual name. These are the creatures Donald Marshall described as resembling the urRu in the movie The Dark Crystal (but with added nasty teeth). 

Donald also met/saw other genetically-modified creatures that claimed/were claimed to be ETs: Veknar (4/5ft-tall fleas); Kemet and Amon Ra (8ft-tall reptilian birds); isipods; scarab beetles.



Q. Do the Biblical Nephilim exist?



However, the real Nephilim have never been on Earth.



Q. Are there other ET races beyond the Ice Wall?



There are ETs from Lyra, Arcturus, Andromeda and Vega beyond the Ice Wall. There are no Zeta Reticulans (Greys) or Avians there. There are Mantis aliens beyond the Ice Wall (it wasn’t established if these are positive or negative ones). There are approximately 10 positive ET races there. 

The Na’vi/ cat people – as represented in Avatar – are based on actual race, but they are not ETs. They live beyond the Ice Wall. Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti also comes from beyond the Ice Wall (the continent of Maldek).



Q. Does Corey Goode’s account of a Tall Grey base on the Moon also relate to an astral event?



The Tall Grey base represents a physical place but not on the Moon (which is plasma). The event took place elsewhere. Likewise, a Corey report concerning a Mars base.

The Tall Greys are Zeta Reticulans. The soul-trap concept, as far as it has substance, can be located with them; Corey reported that these Greys were recycling souls, capturing them in astral or spiritual form after they had died and sending them back to Earth to reincarnate after taking pieces of their “soul body”. It seems such activity related to abductees only. Per Corey, “many of the humans they abduct physically are… Tall Greys incarnated” (in contrast to Corey’s suggestion, however, it is not the case that “many of the sous they deal with are starseed souls”). 

Greys are part of the Orion Group. Their primary channel – by public reputation, anyway – Bashar will have you believe the Zeta Greys are a reasonable and benign bunch. But, well, he’s channelling them, and it seems he has been corrupted/infected by them. Both the Zeta Greys and the future-human Greys have also been visiting our timeframe since the 1940s.



Q. Were the Tall Whites whom Donald Marshall met ETs?



The Tall Whites are benevolent. Marshall did not meet them. 



Q. Are there both positive and negative Pleiadeans?



There are positive Pleiadeans and negative Pleiadeans, but the negative ones do not represent a “faction”. A more pertinent comparison would be the way there are positive humans and negative humans. Pleiadeans are humanoid in appearance, with a blue tinge.

Pleiadeans are all in at least 5D or 6D consciousness. Some are in physical form and some are not in physical form. They all come from one place originally (beyond the Ice Wall) but may be found in many places in the Universe. 

Pleiadean channellings seems to be the most abundant out of ET sources. This isn’t to lend them greater or lesser veracity either way – channelling is inevitably subject to distortion, even at its “purest” – or even affirm that the source is the legit source it claims to be. For example, Kab (on Twitter) reports Pleiadean channelling via his mother. He (they) believes the information is genuine. This is mischannelling in good faith. It is not from the Pleiades. 



Q. Are there 7D Pleiadeans?


Yes, and beyond 7D. 



Q. Did Atlantis have ET contact?



Atlanteans have been in contact with and maintained contact with ETs. Nikola Tesla is an Atlantean and also a Pleiadean starseed (and time traveller in our present). References to ET contact with Atlantis may be found in both the Ra Material and Edgar Cayce readings, albeit it should be noted that both reference Atlantis as a past civilisation rather than an ongoing one.

Approximately 75 percent of starseeds are Pleiadean and 85-90 percent of those are incarnated in Atlantis.



Q. Are Corey’s reports of meetings with Inner Earth groups accurate?



There are seven Inner Earth groups. Meetings with these groups take place physically. As reported by Corey, they have breakaway civilisations. Corey’s account includes breakaway Mayans and the Anshar (white-haired Nordic types). Again, reference to Inner Earth groups can be found in other material, such as the Law of One. 

Corey also references Raptors as living in the honeycomb Inner Earth; Raptors are a genetically engineered reptile species – engineered by the Anunnaki – who were then placed in Earth history (in the last 2,000 years). Both Corey and Mark Richards cite the Raptors as natural, prehistoric creatures. While Corey calls them as vicious and nasty, Richards appears to have befriended them (they’re okay because they don’t eat people any more). He suggests they left Earth 65 million years ago but returned. Both sources attest to them disliking the Draco.



Q. Were spider beings the real reason for the Vietnam War? 



Per Captain Mark Richards, the Vietnam region was beset by an invading ET race the size of Volkswagens. Known as Spider Trogs or the Acari, they arrived on Earth through a vast network of portals in South East Asia.



Q. Did the Acari use mind control on the Angkor Wat population?



The Acari used mind control to convince the populace they had run out of water, and once weakened – through both mind control and dehydration – the Acari decimated the area with microwave weapons. They then began feeding, taking the remaining humans back through portals.

Richards suggest the (12th-century) disappearance of the Angkor Wat population was also related to an Acari incursion. Their resurgence was down to world governments taking their eye off the area’s portal systems during WWII, distracted as they were by the conflict in Europe. This was also the reason for the Korean War; Southeast Asia is generally awash with portals and stargates, it seems.

Richards also tells how Viet Cong leaders worked with the Acari leadership (mind control kept the Viet Cong from realising what was going on, and gas was used to make them forget the spider beings) Villages in Vietnam were also put to sleep for 48 hours while troops came in to deal with the Acari. 



Q. Did US soldiers have their minds wiped following the conflict?



This was carried out to remove recollections of Acari encounters. It is also one of the reasons Vietnam veterans suffer from PTSD, struggling with their repressed memories.

Obviously, Richards’ information needs to be treated selectively; he admits to being choosy with what he’d tell Kerry Cassidy. On top of which, like Corey, he maintains the globe Earth/outer-space deceit (of course, he isn’t entirely lying when he snorts at Flat Earth, since it’s in a crater). With both whistleblowers and channels, the difficulty is always separating the wheat from the ergot on rye.

Such an account is immediately redolent of the movie Starship Troopers, which positively relishes hyperviolent (and often very funny) conflict with a legion of predatory arachnids. This was based on Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel; it seems Heinlein was apprised of the Acari reality. He was a White Hat, in contrast to most of those feeding information into the mainstream (Richards doesn’t mention Heinlein, but he refers to other SF authors who were “read-in” on secrets).

If one is to credit this account, the knock-on would probably be the suggestion “So Nam was justified. Right?” One likely needs to look at the broader web of Dark Forces control of the Earth that gave rise to a situation like the Vietnam War in the first place.



Q. Are the spider beings genetically engineered?



They are Anunnaki engineered.



Q. Is time travel being used in the Universe generally in attempts to gain the advantage? 



We have, on the one hand, Tesla inventing time-travel technology. Clearly, though, certain races have the natural means to navigate time through portal jumping, such as the Anunnaki. 



Q. Does the Earth’s status mirror the Universe generally, in terms of positive vs negative forces, the latter’s defeat and timelines?



There have been intimations of this in the likes of Corey’s material. Earth’s “fate” reflects the situation in the broader Universe.



Q. How accurate is Captain Mark Richard’s testimony? 


45 percent.

There’s a fair amount of information (and judging by the above, disinformation) presented by Richards. Some of his claims are looked at in subsequent questions.



Q. How many negative ET races were visiting Earth?



These would appear to be the Draco, Spider Trogs, the Zeta Reticulan Greys and the Reptoids.

(Not included are the Anunnaki, from beyond the Ice Wall, the Raptors, placed here by the Anunnaki, and future-human Greys.)



Q. Are they Orion Nordics a positive ET race?





Q. Are the Mantids allies of humans?



There are both positive and negative Mantids (praying mantis-type ETs), however.



Q. Are Pleiadeans visiting Earth?





Q. Are Canonians visiting Earth?



They are allies of humans. Richards describes them as a dog-like race from Sirius (they stand on their hind legs, have hound-dog faces and are traders/merchants).



Q. Are the Aldebarans a negative ET race?





Q. Were the Aldebarans visiting Earth?





Q. Were the Aldebarans helping the Nazis?



Richards suggested all of the above in relation to Aldebarans. So one out of three. 



Q. Are Raptors soulless?



One might assume they were, since they were genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, like the Draco (and the Draco don’t have souls). 

Raptors are also found elsewhere in the universe. There are no longer any Raptors on Earth.



Q. Were Raptors investing in movies?



This is one of Richards’ more colourful suggestions. That Raptors were investing in pro-reptile propaganda – movies that would give them a positive rep.



Q. Were Raptors renting castles in UK?



Another Raptor-centric fancy on Richards’ part. But it makes for an amusing picture.



Q. Has war in the Orion sector comprised Draco, Reptoids, Spider Trogs and Greys against Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and humans?



Excepting the Raptors.

Per Richards, interviewed by Kerry Cassidy in 2019, Draco were contriving issues on Earth to distract humans and Raptors from war in the Orion sector (50,000 humans were serving on the Orion front; in an interview the following year, Richards referenced the Raptors having recruited 1 million humans in the fight against the Draco. Amusingly, he also had it that the Raptors were worried about catching the coof).



Q. Was WWII fought between 4 interplanetary races and humans?



Richards has it that the last battle of WWII was between Nordics (8 different kinds), Reptoids, Dracos and Greys. 



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