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White Hats – The Quantum Financial System

The Q & A

I haven’t been particularly invested – ahem – in this one. Alternative media tends to hew all-too-close to mainstream values whenever it focuses on money matters (“Buy our gold, buy our silver, bitcoin is the only really safe thing there is, more financial advice coming down the pipe, etc”). Obviously, though, if there’s to be any change – if any change is going on/has gone on, which is rather the point of these Q & As – then something has to give with regard to the way we’re all accustomed to living and earning, as jarring to preconceptions as some of those changes may sound at first blush. 

I’d read a little on the Quantum Financial System subject a while back, when it seemed every other commentator was assuring us NESARA/GESARA was happening any moment now. And, along with many such averred potentialities, I reserved judgement (especially when Charlie Ward – now an ex-Charlie Ward – or Charlie Freak was selling it). Scepticism over such matters is entirely reasonable, particularly since the last three years’ entire balance of events has relied on piling further layers of illusion upon the ones by the which the paradigm has historically operated. There’s a side to the promise of QFS that can be quite plausibly interpreted as very much the thing you don’t want: you know, Schwab World. So if we are, for the sake of argument, to accept that it represents an unconditionally positive development, an explanation may be that the instruments of good/bad, light/dark etc are at times not so different, but for intent and application (as an example: is all AI bad AI? That had been my perception, based on the surfeit of negative-skewing AI material, whether from the mainstream selling/programming transhumanism or alternative sources on its application in the broader universe).

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is the Quantum Financial System set to replace our current financial system?





Q. Is the Quantum Financial System based on Quantum Consciousness, “Divine Consciousness that is being made available for use in the third dimension”?



I wouldn’t necessarily treat everything on this page as gospel, since some of it doesn’t quite appear to track with Graham Hodsdon’s information (see below). On the one hand (Graybags), we envisage a scenario where there’ll effectively be no need for money. On the other, QFS will “facilitate intergalactic commerce”. However, the idea that QFS is, in essence, divinely inspired is an entirely appealing one, and Hodsdon’s suggestion of off-world involvement is also very much intimated here, whereby “The QC was created out of ‘time’ and was injected into this timeline for use by the Alliance. It has recorded all banking records since banks began to use computers for their accounting system.

Per the site, a Global Currency Reset must occur prior to the activation of QFS, whence a new gold-backed system will be instituted. It also suggests there will be no big announcement when QFS is activated, the emphasis being on a seamless transition. However, this may relate largely to the architecture itself, as it goes on to say that, for example, (fiat) funds in bank accounts will need to be exchanged via the QFS portal (this would appear to contrast with Hodsdon’s understanding; he says bank funds are already reflected in the QFS). The piece (from 2021), also references an appointment with an Alliance interviewer, which would appear to be the same quantum interview Hodsdon mentions.



Q. Is NESARA/GEASRA real and its implementation planned?



NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act) and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) are distinguished by whether you’re talking America (the former) or rest of the world (the latter, of more recent mid-2010s coinage). It is, of course, a commonly derided conspiracy theory – Wiki calls it “cult-like”, just to emphasis one should have no truck with such notions – and symptomatic of pie-in-the-sky and hopium, since it spells the end of the satanic fiat money system and interest-based debt.

NESARA was first mooted in the 1990s (by Harvey Francis Barnard, under a proposal Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform). It has been suggested (by Shaini Candace Goodwin, like Barnard deceased) a bill was actually passed in 2000 but its implementation was nixed by 9/11. Whether these acts actually exist on paper is the open to debate (more recently, quite possibly). It may be that the principles behind them are everything, rather than purported documents. Certainly, I find it difficult to believe Bill Clinton would have approved such a bill, except maybe at gunpoint. 

Goodwin had it that all personal debts, and the IRS, would be abolished, and world peace declared; Barnard thought Goodwin was a disinfo agent. There has been much subsequent discussion of possible ET/higher-dimensional involvement in the process – of both dark and light constituencies – and the too-good-to-be-true side has been understandably dubious (it’s a NWO trap, socialism/communism/globalism by a different name, although language so invested in -isms is suggestive of one overly enmeshed in Hegelian dialectics).

The scope and implications of NESARA/GESRA are the subject of debate. There seems to be common agreement that credit card, mortgage and other bank debt will be cancelled. Also, that income taxes will be abolished and a flat-rate sales tax of approximately 15% will be instituted (on non-essential items: so no tax on food or medicine). Inflation will be extinct.

Inevitably, such measures stand, on the face of it, to provoke both jubilation and discontent. After all, if you’ve been making payments on a house for a month, you would, in theory, be treated in the same way as if you’ve been repaying one diligently for 20 years. And what of those who have rented all their lives, unable even to get onto the lowest rung of the ladder (or conscious of the dangers of that same ladder as a debt trap)? Inherently then, whatever there is in the way of undisputed upside, it’s unlikely that everyone will emerge into a new, fairer system equally contented.



Q. Is Graham Hodsdon’s intel on the Quantum Financial System accurate?



Judging by the responses to Hodsdon’s recent QFS update, included in a SantaSurfing podcast on Rumble, you’d think he was suggesting a binding collusion with the antichrist. Albeit, to be fair, many of the commenters simply seem most ticked off with SantaSurfing herself. Principally, though, the common objection is not dissimilar to the one voiced for NESARA/GESARA, that this is all a crafty trap to hoodwink gullible Truthers and New Age bathers, engulfing them in a sea of socialism. Much better to stick to that completely natural, God-given capitalism they know and so love.

Evidently, while Hodsdon’s information may be accurate, that doesn’t necessarily mean his timings are. He had NESARA pegged for a worldwide announcement in the first few days of April – if there’s one thing guaranteed to invite scorn upon any predictions, and for good reason, it’s putting a date on them – and a subsequent EBS and 10-12 days of lockdown, during which everyone will be at home, being given the lowdown on all that has gone on for so long (well, not all, as in cosmically, but nevertheless enough to make everyone very, very sober). This conforms loosely to the “10 Days of Darkness” plan that has been mooted as imminent for some time now.

At the end of this, “apparently there will be an 800 number that we then need to ring, and then, from that point, we’ll be given our quantum appointment with the time and date confirmed to us to go”. Which very much sounds like the Alliance interview mentioned two questions ago. 

Hodsdon also references recent seizures of cabal assets, with corresponding accounts closed, in about 75 banks, trust funds being moved over to QFS, that Silicon Valley Bank was significant in regard to these developments, and that all major banks and central banks are now taken over and run for the QFS. He suggests that, while “all personal accounts are mirrored” and you don’t have to worry about retirement or savings accounts”, if you’re keeping hold of stocks, shares and any stock-market investments, you’re buggered, as none of those are mirrored: the stock-market crash will be the end of them (as part of the process), “And the new stock market will then start up when the QFS does”.

He says (echoed on the website linked to earlier) that everything under QFS will be traceable and therefore, it “stops corruption in its tracks… Corruption ends the minute QFS starts”. Hodsdon also invokes blockchain, which (I’m quoting, as it’s all French to me) is a “decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the consensus of the network”.

On what it will mean to the average joe in practice, Hodsdon’s information is that “apparently, we’ve already got one lump sum in our quantum account already”, but “you cannot quit your job in order to receive these NESARA payments, so everybody needs to stay in work and maintain a job…” This last part doesn’t surprise me, as basic practicalities suggest, short of an army of replicants materialising through portals, ready and willing to assume all obligations and fulfil all functions, the operational fabric of society needs preserving. 

However, I agree with comments that the idea “it would take about 11 years for everyone to receive all the money that is owed to them” isn’t fully transparent. It may be this means it has been agreed that there will be a trickle effect in releasing all funds, because surely, if we’re talking quantum, time shouldn’t be a factor, per se. Most likely, then, it would be because this is the timeframe envisaged for successfully reconfiguring society. You know, the one where “money is not going to be an issue anymore. Money just literally won’t be important, because everyone will have enough to live an abundant life” (which, obviously, if you’re very attached to money systems, must equate to hive-mind socialism). Envisaging how “we can start moving forward as humanity now and progress, rather than being held back for so long” may be signalled by the flick of the QFS switch, but realising that practically represents more of an ushering-in process. 

As for “11 years”? Yeah, the number has been specifically chosen; I don’t think it’s likely it’s an actual projected timespan. However, plumbing for a (biblically-derived) interpretation that this means “chaos” is inevitable if you’re determined to see QFS as the work of the devil. Alternatively, one could (also biblically) see it meaning “judgement” (or, if you’re inclined to look to some tarot decks, “Justice”, and others, “Strength”. And Aquarius – as in, “age of” – is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac). Or one can – still on the Christian side – see it as meaning “transition” (Wiki says it, so it must be so). 11:11, of course, has taken on its own importance as that of a spiritual gong or auspicious synchronicity announcing itself in one’s life (I’ve seen 11, as a “mystical” number, interpreted both positively and negatively, and one might suggest it is inherently neither, that its polarity in that regard is about “you”). Or how about, rather than chaos, we see it as promisingthe height of spiritual understanding”?

Regarding Hodsdon’s guarantee, “there’ll be a lot of people that probably won’t be able to get a quantum account, especially if they’re in a low vibration, if they’ve been a drug dealing or stuff like that…”, it beckons the question, if he’s correct, of how such people are going to get by. Let’s say they remain in a low vibration; there will presumably, need to be the bare bones of a non-QFS financial system that allows their survival.

*Addendum 07/05/23: Phil Godlewski’s 4 May Rapid Fire podcast has understandably ruffled a few feathers. He suggests, in contrast to Graham Hodsdon’s upbeat take, that bank accounts are not mirrored on the QFS (and also differing from Graham, that trusts are not safe). So did something change? Was Hodsdon wrong (I’ve seen it suggested Phil too was saying accounts were mirrored not so long ago and is now painting a different picture)?

It seems Phil’s info is accurate, but it might be worth parsing his statements. Asked if all banks will collapse in a 48-72-hour timeframe, he responded “No, not all the banks will”. Does this mean the banks that have come on board and are meeting White Hats terms won’t (because, if they start to fall like dominoes, it’s difficult to envisage that any institution would be immune without buttressing from beyond the system)? He also says “If you have money in the bank and you leave it in the bank, and your bank goes kaput, you’re on your own”. So if the preceding assumption is valid – if you have money in a bank that hasn’t met terms, and that bank collapses – this would be the situation where you are left high and dry. 

I guess there are two points here. If QFS does or can mirror all accounts, one might conceive a degree of bloody mindedness on the part of White Hats (if it doesn’t need to happen, why let it happen?) Alternatively, if QFS is simply unable to access accounts in those banks to mirror them, then it presumably can’t be helped. Either way, it probably isn’t the most validatory way to announce a new system, and it surely doesn’t help matters that those paying attention to what’s going on are the ones receiving decidedly mixed messages (aside from the unfaltering one of encouragement to buy Phil’s Silver). I find it quite difficult to make it through Phil’s shows, what with his performative demeanour and touting for business, but if the intel is correct, it warrants due consideration.

Addendum 24/05/23: Further to the above, it seems that both takes – Phil’s and Graham’s – are correct. The gist is the second paragraph of the previous addendum, that the accounts of those banks that aren’t on board with the White Hats and consequently fail when the crash comes will not be mirrored by QFS. 



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