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White Hats 8

The Q & A

Another scintillating chapter of White Hat inquiry. Some of the following includes mention of individuals who might loosely fall into a Celebrity Register post (and one might conversely suggest some of those showing up there might better be included here), but in the loosest terms, the world of entertainment goes in the Celebrity Register and more expressly directed matters, be they White Hat or Black Hat, go here.

One area that becomes evident with the Q & As is that terms can be relative. One can be a White Hat and not necessarily counted as a particularly upstanding person. One can have been a Black Hat and switched teams (or in some cases, remained one while nursing regrets over the decision), The tendency to make broad-brush judgements on such high-profile persons is understandable, but several of the topics covered here suggest a more moderate contemplation is likely to yield a clearer perspective (even if still beset by fog). The area of freemasonry is one such, and a subject I’ll have to return to in greater detail. Along similar lines: if there’s a Luciferian influence in a concept – that of the superhero, for example – does that mean everything involving superheroes is automatically sullied? It might be suggested that intent is key, which in some aspects of White Hat activity is likely to ensure the enemy of one’s enemy is one’s friend.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Could White Hats have stopped the UK Emergency Alert System Test if they’d wished to?



As a previous answer indicated, the April 23 UK Emergency Alert System Test was a Black Hat deal, designed to cause confusion/ dilute the waters of the actual – I’ll call it the “Main Event” – EBS, the one that will roll out internationally. It appears it served White Hat purposes to allow the test to go ahead. Probably partly to do with tracking those involved. And surely a consideration in letting it out there was that it wasn’t going to trigger adverse effects on health, as some of the more alarmist theories suggested.



Q. Have there been any delays to the (Main Event) EBS so far during April?



The Main Event EBS was not scheduled or missed earlier in April. It is planned before the end of month (answer received on April 26).

Obviously, past form suggests we’ll hit May and not a dicky, but the announcement remains, it seems, ever brewing.



Q. Is the current cold weather (UK) naturally occurring?



The weather is down to the White Hats. Doubtless they have their reasons.



Q. Is the original Dalai Lama still alive?



The Dalai Lama is dead. The tongue-sucking footage is recent. It was, it seems, CGI-created, which is as well, given a child was involved. Its purpose was to expose him. Inevitably, there are those attempting to justify the action as a “cultural tradition”.



Q. Is the BBC now White Hat controlled?



I haven’t watched the Beeb since early 2020 and opted not to renew my TV licence soon after, but various developments involving Auntie nevertheless cross my radar. Such as the Gary Lineker saga, Elon labelling it a “government funded” broadcaster, and the ongoing woke-ifaction of Doctor Who, now with a transgender companion and a drag-artist villain shortly coming to a small screen near you. Showrunner Russell T Davies is neither White Hat nor Black Hat, it seems, but he is taking instructions from White Hats, which I’d assume are designed to add fuel to the conflagration surrounding the corporation.



Q. Is Tucker Carlson a White Hat?



Tucker Carlson has always been a White Hat. 

I’d never paid much attention to Tucker until recently, but developments surrounding him have become difficult to ignore. My assumption with such figures was that anyone working for a major news network would be fully on board whatever Hegelian conflicts they were stirring, and that may well largely be the case. But not with Carlson, apparently.



Q. Is Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox strategic on his part, with a view to his ongoing viability?



It seems Fox’s days are numbered, and exiting now ensures he’ll be disassociated with whatever transpires.



Q. Was someone in a mask playing Elon Musk for his recent interview with Tucker Carlson? 



It obviously looked that way, what the tell-tale join. But there are Elon clones about too, of course. There’s probably a whole army of people playing Elon Mk II in some shape or form at this point (not least Nikola Tesla). 



Q. Is the original Rupert Murdoch still alive? 



Quite probably a no-brainer. Even the most sympathetic observer would have been unpersuaded he was on the side of the angels. So this was a case of Succession playing catching up but allowing him natural causes in their case.



Q. Is Jim Carrey playing Biden? 



Carrey is plea bargaining, it seems, so is probably doing his darnedest to stay in character.



Q Is James Woods playing Joe Biden? 



Another who has been popularly mooted for the role.



Q. Is (actor) Straun Rodger playing Joe Biden? 



Rodger actually looks like Joe Biden. Well, Joe Biden Mk II, at any rate (It goes without saying that the original is a deceased Black Hat).



Q. Is a Joe Biden clone used?



So if you hear about Biden being in four places at once, there’s no shortage of candidates.



Q. Was Anthony Hopkins receiving the jab on camera a White Hat operation (using a clone)?



The original Hopkins is deceased (and was Vril’d), so he received his second Oscar posthumously. He was given his Coof shot live (well, dead) on camera in early 2021. Why would the White Hats perpetuate the farce? There were immediate claims he clearly didn’t get injected at all (which were laughably fact checked as being erroneous), so the evidence was there for anyone with their eyes open. Other than that, there were and still are the wheels within wheels of a long game in operation.



Q. Are there White Hat freemasonic lodges and Black Hat freemasonic lodges?



The natural instinct, one followed by many of an alternative perspective when considering the invisible hands that have guided the world, is to put all freemasons together in terms of culpability. Or at least, all freemasons of higher degrees. Any system that is inherently occulted merits suspicion of motive, even if the hidden facet is in part a feature of self-protection/preservation. Besides which, distinguishing White Hat lodges from Black Hat lodges isn’t to fall into the White Hats = good trap, any more than when considering a White Hat individual, per se. Ben Fulford, as variable but incontestably regular as his info has been over the years, has often cited various masonic factions that may or may not be on one side or the other (and, to my recollection, some of which have indeed been in each camp at different points).



Q. Are superheroes a Luciferian conception? 



Per the introduction, this isn’t to suggest one can’t glean positive things from superhero tales, but the essential design is a distortion of connection to the divine. Superheroes are, after all, gods (or demigods). They provide a platform for man becoming god, and apotheosis is central to Luciferianism.



Q. Was presenting Christ as divine a Luciferian distortion?



Obviously, this is not one that will find favour with Christians. The Bible was rewritten by Dark Forces following the 1700 Event; while Christ was a miracle worker, he wasn’t divine. Personifying God as man in this manner makes for a connection to Luciferian apotheosis (under which terms, we are encouraged to be like Christ). 



Q. Is Tiffany Fontenot still under attack?



Tiffany was a targeted individual/under attack (from directed energy weapons/neuro weapons). However, she is currently caught in her own loop resulting from her experiences. She’s especially concerned with the “hivenet” control grid that she believes we’re all being hooked into. Her particular area of expertise is reverse speech analysis, one that’s very interesting, if tending to the subjective. 

On similar lines, I noted her response to a recent David Wilcock video, suggesting he’s being hit by this hivenet. On David’s part, he has made several tweets – along with a video on the subject – about encountering “negative greetings”. It seems this is something (the negative greeting) he’s doing to himself, rather than coming at him from an external source.

Also on the subject of things that may not be what they seem, Phil Godlewski has come up in past questions, whereby it was confirmed that he’s a White Hat and that he’s the recipient of reputable information. That part hasn’t changed. Rather, this goes to the general point about White Hat status not necessarily reflecting rosily across the board. On which basis, it seems as a person, rather than as a White Hat, he isn’t to be trusted.



Q. Do Medbeds exist?



Medbeds work on the physical body, but they do not attend to spiritual wellbeing.

This was something I’d wondered about, in terms of the extent to which they are a putative health panacea. Such technology may prove to be readily available in the future, but it won’t displace the need for alternative practitioners attending to one’s spiritual and/or emotional health.



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