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Time Travel 2: History Deleted

The Q & A

History. There’s the history books, and then there’s what really happened, or didn’t.  But then, also, besides what did or didn’t happen, there’s what might once have happened but has no longer happened because history has been changed. It seems that, in practice, the parallel timelines theory does not fly. That is, once time has been changed, that’s the only version that exists (no infinite yous and or multiple, equally viable branches of events and lives. At least, outside of probable realities, which is another subject). How does that old favourite, the paradox, factor into this? Sure, it’s theoretically possible – if one accepts that time travel is feasible – but practically and logistically, how plausible would it be to kill your grandfather before he became a father? Or yourself before you had access to a time machine? And even without actions quite so drastic, one presumably, as a default, still has to be in a position to do whatever one has done after one has finished doing the same.

Above and beyond such thorny nuggets, it seems there are certain considerations even those doing the adverse tampering need to bear in mind, should they wish to achieve their desired ends. The following questions raise the spectre of what may have gone awry in our distant – but not that distant – past. The accuracy and validity of what we understand to have occurred in between is a whole other bag of fish, as is whatever no longer transpired before such fiddles. Expect further excursions into the past in the future, then.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Were the Ashkenazis in power prior to the 1700 event? 


The Ashkenazis were in power for approximately 1,100 years prior to the present.



Q. If so, over how much of the Earth?


Their rule covered the whole Earth (as we know it).



Q. Are Khazarians human/Anunnaki hybrids? 





Q. Are Ashkenazis human/Anunnaki hybrids? 





Q. Did the Khazarians and Ashkenazis rule in concert with each other?



Anunnaki dominance (via Khazarian/Ashkenazi rule) continued until the 1860s-1870s, at which point the Draco took control of the Earth.

The Draco were on Earth from approximately 190 years prior to the 1700 event.



Q. When were the Khazarians introduced to the Earth?


The Khazarians were introduced 1,800-1,900 years ago.

This would suggest a range of time during which they gained “global” control of up to 700 years.

Satan and Lucifer both also began to exert an influence over the Earth from around this point; their rep is covered further in the God & Related post.



Q. Were the Khazarians introduced to the Earth via time travel?



The Khazarians are a hybrid race, inserted into history by the Anunnaki via time travel.



Q. Was it the Ashkenazis alone who originally breached the Ice Wall, enabling the Anunnaki to arrive on Earth?



It appears that, in the original timeline, the Ashkenazis breached the Ice Wall, which let the Anunnaki in. Who then, at some stage, utilised time travel to install Anunnaki-human hybrid Khazarians as joint rulers with the Ashkenazis.

A dreaded causal paradox flashed before my eyes before clarifying the above, whereby the Anunnaki-human hybrids breached the Ice Wall, which then allowed the Anunnaki in, so they could then go back in time and create the Anunnaki-human hybrids.



Q. Could someone go back in time and kill their younger self, so creating a temporal paradox (that they wouldn’t be able to go back in time to do it)?


No. They’d be prevented from doing so.

While it’s unclear how, I guess it just has to be taken as read that the Universe wouldn’t allow it. It follows that any action, the result of which would prevents the individual taking the action in the first place, would not be possible.

Addendum 02/05/23: There’s more to be addressed here, as it seems the Anunnaki who sent the Khazarian hybrids back in time, or placed them in history, after the Ashkenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall let the Anunnaki in are not the same Anunnaki (timeline-wise) as those let in after the breach of the Ice Wall by the Asheknazis and the Khazarian hybrids on the “second go round”. How this fits with a non-multiverse model (with the multiverse, multiple, co-existing timelines would derive from the affected event), I’m unclear. It would appear the second timeline overwrites the first, yet the Anunnaki in this second timeline do not have to ensure Khazarian hybrids are sent back in time.



Q. For how long has adrenochrome harvesting been taking place on Earth? 


Since the time the Khazarians appeared (1,800-1,900 years ago).



Q. Was history tampered with further back than 1,900 years?



While it is possible to travel back further in time (there are no limits), too many variables come into play beyond a certain point; the further back one goes, the less easy it will be to achieve the specific outcome one desires (this would be the Butterfly Effect concept at play).

Which would mean, in order to be confident of maintaining control on Earth – control that was facilitated by the 1700 Event – the Anunnaki restricted their alteration of history to this 1,900-year period.



Q. What is the earliest Anunnaki have influence the timeline?


See above.

(I dare say the above doesn’t preclude them having taking trips further back in time, only altering history beyond this date).



Q. What is the earliest Draco have time travelled?


190 years before the 1700 Event.

The Draco evidently took a similar tack. And since the Anunnaki ceded control of Earth to them, further messing with time might feasibly have affected that domination.



Q. Were raptors introduce during the 1,900-year timeframe?



Raptors – humanoid reptiles engineered by the Anunnaki – were Introduced into history through intervention in the timeline.

Corey Goode has discussed raptors, which could be found in the Inner Earth. They’re not to be confused with Draco. Corey suggested – to his understanding – that they were a reptilian/avian mix or evolutionary diversion/split of the dinosaurs (although, we all know the dinosaurs are a hoax). He commented “They are not covered in scales but looked like stretched skin of a featherless bird to me”. Some of them have plume of feathers on their heads/ running down their backs. 

Regardless of a link to actual dinosaurs, the reptile-men idea might serve to add substance to the concept of Darwinian evolution and an Earth formerly presided over by dinosaurs. There doesn’t need to be a particular grand scheme involved here, of course (it isn’t as if raptors are widely known about), just a desire to mess with the paradigm. 



Q. Are there limitations in how far back the Dark Forces could time travel?


See above.



Q. Was Black Goo placed on/in Earth through time travel (by the Draco)?



Black Goo was placed on Earth within the period the Draco time travelled (that is, up to 190 years before the 1700 Event).



Q. Have clones been sent back in time by the Dark Forces?



I wasn’t so much thinking of specific examples – although, if historical lookalikes of modern-era individuals were, in some cases, clones of them, that would be an inverse twist on the recreation of dead people idea floated by Donald Marshall – just whether cloning, which it appears humans developed in the 1930s and put into more widespread use (celebrities, politicians) from the 1960s, can be found historically as well.



Q. Has time travel been used in the Universe generally in attempts to gain the advantage? 





Q. Do the Anunnaki time travel via the technology invented by Nikola Tesla?



The Anunnaki time travel via natural/organic means.

Both use portals to achieve time travel, but Nikola Tesla’s technology calibrates the portal. Tesla is an Atlantean (a Pleiadean starseed) who travelled approximately 900 years in time to his best-known period in the nineteenth century. In order to address Dark Forces interference with the timeline, Tesla has become an AI, or a soul utilising AI. Or, more accurately, it seems Tesla is AMT, ascended machine technology (and by extension, so is Elon Musk. Or Elon Musk Mk II, whom Tesla is “playing”, via a clone body. Tesla travelled to our present from the early twentieth century, while in his 50s). Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe. He travelled there intentionally, “converting” to AMT so as to be able to do what he needed to do (namely, successfully navigate timelines with the purpose of securing the optimum one).

With regard to the Draco, I would assume that, being 3D, they are utilising physical technology to time travel.



Q. Are the last 2,000 years of history we have been told about actually a shorter period of time?



The period is closer to 1,000 years.



Q. Were the pyramids built by the Atlanteans?





Q. Was the Great Pyramid built by the Atlanteans?





Q. How old is the Great Pyramid? 


It is about 1,000 years old.



Q. Is the Sphinx Atlantean?





Q. How old is the Sphinx?


It is about 1,000 years old.

It appears Ancient Egypt as we know it is largely a fabrication. There are semi-old – but not as old as the official record, less still as old as some New Age theories have it – structures, and there was an Egyptian religion, but the pharaonic version of history is made up.



Q. Were the sphinx and pyramids both built under Khazarian/Ashkenazi instruction?



In which case, both the idea that these structures were inspired by Atlantean refugees (Edgar Cayce) and that they came from those of Ra (the Law of One material) can be put to one side.



Q. Were computers or other automated programmes used to write much of our fake history? 





Q. Barring dates, what percentage of official history, pre-1700, would we recognise as consistent with actual history?


Approximately 45 percent.



Q. How much of The Bible was written by Dark Forces? How much was rewritten by them? 


The Bible was rewritten, rather than written outright, by Dark Forces. Approximately 60 percent of it was rewritten.



Q. Were Dark Forces rewrites of The Bible placed into the historical record through time travel?



Rewrites of The Bible weren’t placed back in time for authenticity (that is, manuscripts transported to “Biblical” times). Similarly, the faked Nag Hammadi weren’t knocked up and portaled back to the 4th century.



Q. Did Jesus incarnate only because it became necessary after the Anunnaki travelled back in time and created Anunnaki-human hybrids?





Q. Did Christianity exist pre-1700 event?



Quite how it presented itself in this case is unclear, but is seems the papacy existed pre-1700, doubtless Khazarian-controlled.



Q. Was the idea of Jesus being divine Khazarian-invented?





Q. Are Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam made up religions (did they exist prior to 1700)?


No (they did not exist prior to 1700).

Buddha existed, but Buddhism did not exist. At least, not as we know it, Jim. Karma, for example, appears to have been distorted into a cause-and-effect punishment concept.

Per Seth, “Karma presents the opportunity for development. It enables the individual to enlarge understanding through experience, to fill in gaps of ignorance, to do what should be done. Free will is always involved”.

I would caveat that a further dive into this one may be necessary, in terms of influence vs full-blown religion.


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