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The Celebrity Register 5

The Q & A

In among this batch of those currently still circulating in Hollywood, in one form or another, are a number of influencers of a more literary bent. As one of those in particular suggests, Black Hat status may not necessarily be something an individual has embraced wholeheartedly, just as those who have crossed the room from Black to White Hat may have done so for practical reasons, rather than through seeing the light. Obviously, as a few that have been covered suggest, an individual may nurse neither affiliation, while a White Hat may be a White Hat because they’re acting against Black Hats in some capacity, rather than because they’re a thoroughly good egg.

Some of those mentioned here may merit a subsequent addendum in respect of furnished details. depending on the focus of the initial question.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. How many dead celebrities are currently being managed for the purposes of making movies, doing interviews, appearing in public etc?


Approximately 50.

Given 200-300 celebrities were executed, White Hats would appear to be focussing on a select portion. Still, there seems to be a lot of effort and resources required to keep such wheels of dead actors, musicians and celebrities in motion. One also wonders at the reveal process for their ex- status. Clones are easy to retire, CGI is non-tangible anyway, and I’m guessing the guys who have had not-really-that-great surgeries to “look like” Cruise and Depp and Madge et al will be guaranteed a comfortable stipend for their efforts.



Q. Is the original Clint Eastwood alive?



Clint is a White Hat.



Q. Was Jim Henson a White Hat?





Q. Is the original Jennifer Lawrence alive?



JLaw is a White Hat.



Q. Is the original Matt Damon alive?



Matt is a White Hat.



Q. Is the original Kevin Spacey still alive?



Spacey is a White Hat. He was a Black Hat.

Perhaps that was what those sinister Christmas messages were about. This goes to indicate, though, that whatever (quite possibly correct) assumptions may be made concerning someone’s behaviour and character, and short of certain execution or plea-bargaining worthy considerations, it doesn’t preclude them switching to the White Hats.


Q. Is Mike Myers a White Hat?



Mike Myers is a White Hat. He was Black Hat.

This was Janine’s verdict on Myers, back before she went behind a paywall.



Q. Is the original Hugh Grant still alive?



Hugh Grant is dead. He was a Black Hat. To qualify this slightly, it seems he was a reluctant Black Hat.



Q. Is the original Adam Driver still alive?



Adam Driver is dead. He was a Black Hat.

I’d assumed Driver was a White Hat, probably based on his being an ex-marine, not seeming seduced by Hollywood glamour etc.



Q. Is the original Anthony Hopkins still alive?



Hopkins is dead. He was a Black Hat. He was also Vril’d.

It was a Hopkins clone who was given his Coof shot live (well, dead) on camera in early 2021. This was a White Hats manoeuvre. Why? Well, there were immediate claims he clearly didn’t get injected at all (laughably fact checked as being erroneous), so the evidence was there for anyone with their eyes open. Other than that, there were and still are wheels within wheels of a long game in operation.



Q. Are all Hollywood film directors freemasons?



This probably shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a smoking gun of inveterate Black Hat-hood or being steeped up to one’s eyeballs in occult practice. It seems there are a good few directors who are White Hats (the assertion that all directors are masons came from this analysis of They Live! Carpenter’s a White Hat, however). Clearly, though, if you’re a member, then you’re not supposed to spill beans. All Hollywood directors have not achieved 33rd degree status.



Q. Is Danny Boyle a Black Hat?



Danny Boyle is a White Hat. It seems he reluctantly oversaw the occult-infused 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. This is another good example; few would or do look at that ceremony and give Boyle the benefit of the doubt.



Q. Is the original Guy Ritchie still alive?



Guy Ritchie is dead. He was a Black Hat. A clone is currently overseeing his suddenly very prolific directing career.



Q. Is the original Woody Allen still alive?



Woody Allen is dead. He was a Black Hat.

Again, the question is worth asking, based on the level of public vilification (as in, if someone’s being exposed rather than covered up for, maybe there’s more to it).



Q. Is the original Roman Polanski still alive?



Polanski is a White Hat. He was a Black Hat.



Q. Is Wes Anderson a White Hat?





Q. Was Richard Donner a White Hat?



It would be easy to trace a path otherwise, given his various movie projects, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s (and then, The Goonies). On the other hand, he was pals with Mel Gibson.



Q. Is the original Tim Burton still alive?



Burton is a White Hat. He was a Black Hat.



Q. Is the original Francis Ford Coppola still alive?



Coppola is a White Hat. 

His defence of Victor Salva has been seized on as something of a smoking gun, but it seems his motives were not, in and of themselves, suspect (based on rehabilitation, second chances etc). This isn’t necessarily to suggest Coppola is a great guy, of course (see previous comments on White Hat status generally).



Q. Is Russell T Davies a White Hat?



RTD is neither a White Hat nor a Black Hat.

He is, however receiving instructions from White Hats with regard to his current work on Doctor Who (what with its transgender companion and a drag-artist villain). All part and parcel of drawing attention to the Black Hat agenda.



Q. Can hermaphrodites give birth?



Previous answers indicated Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman faked pregnancies, but it seems this was not necessarily out of necessity.



Q. Was Jennifer Lopez born a male?



J-Lo is deceased.



Q. Was Beyoncé a hermaphrodite?



Beyoncé is dead.



Q. Was Gwyneth Paltrow a hermaphrodite?



The Goop icon is dead, so the trial was this year’s version of last year’s Depp one (also dead).

Paltrow’s intergender status probably shouldn’t be a surprise, given she’s from a Hollywood dynasty. 



Q. Is Margot Robbie a hermaphrodite?



Robbie is a White Hat.



Q. Was Meryl Streep a hermaphrodite?



(Previously noted that Meryl is dead.)



Q. Is Jodie Foster a hermaphrodite?



Foster was born male. She’s alive.

Addendum 01/05/23: Jodie is a White Hat.


Q. Is Julia Roberts a hermaphrodite?



Roberts was born male. She’s alive.

Addendum 01/05/23: Julia is a White Hat.



Q. Is Cate Blanchett a hermaphrodite?



Cate’s alive.

Addendum 01/05/23: Cate is a White Hat.



Q. Is Winona Ryder a hermaphrodite?



Winona was born male. She’s a White Hat.

That surprised me (gender), but with family links to Huxley, Leary and Philip K Dick, and her saying outright that she was mistaken for a boy when she was a kid, perhaps it shouldn’t have. Donald Marshall noted she was nice to him in the cloning centres (“others made fun of her for not being evil… called her soft… anyone that isn’t horrible terrible evil at me they call weak or soft”).

Addendum 01/05/23: The Hat is in error. Rather, Winona is a Black Hat and is awaiting sentencing.



Q. Is Tom Hardy a hermaphrodite?



Addendum 01/05/23: Hardy is alive and a White Hat.



Q. Was HG Wells a Black Hat? 





Q. Was George Orwell a White Hat? 





Q. Was Jules Verne a White Hat?





Q. Was Edgar Rice Burroughs a White Hat?





Q. Was Ayn Rand a White Hat?





Q. Was Gene Roddenberry “read-in” on secrets?



Roddenberry was a White Hat.

Per Captain Mark Richards, whose account comes in at 45 percent accurate – so on the wrong side of unreliability – Roddenberry was one of the more celebrated science-fiction creatives who had been “read-in” on secrets in order to feed information into the mainstream. 



Q. Was Arthur C Clarke “read-in” on secrets?



Clarke was a Black Hat.

Richards has it that authors would later regret covering up secrets and that Clarke wanted to break his silence so was probably killed. He also suggested Childhood’s End was partly written at the request of the SSP (Secret Space Programme) as a warning of the dangers of ET interference.



Q. Was Isaac Asimov “read-in” on secrets?



Asmiov was a Black Hat.



Q. Was Philip K Dick “read-in” on secrets?



PKD was a Black Hat.

Richards has it that he learned so much that it made him a bit crazy (and he was killed).



Q. Was Carl Sagan “read-in” on secrets?



Sagan was a Black Hat.

Richards suggested he was part of the SSP.

The following authors weren’t mentioned by Richards:



Q. Was Robert A Heinlein “read-in” on secrets?



Heinlein was a White Hat. While he wasn’t read-in (in the Black Hat sense), it seems Starship Troopers was about the Spider Troggs Vietnam incursion.



Q. Was Stephen King “read-in” on secrets?



However, King is neither a Black Hat nor a White Hat. Presumably, he was requested to include information and complied.

Addendum 01/05/23: Stephen King is alive.



Q. Was HP Lovecraft a Black Hat?



His material in respect of other realms (the Old Ones) is reflective of the antimatter universe.



Q. Was Frank Herbert “read-in” on secrets?



However, Herbert was a Black Hat.



Q. Was Arthur Conan Doyle “read-in” on secrets?



Conan Doyle was a Black Hat, but it seems he was also a reluctant one.



Q. Was Einstein a Black Hat?





Q. Is the original Maria Abramović dead? 



With regard to her being referenced as saying Donald Trump was a magician who would bring about some situation of worldwide awakening, she apparently didn’t say that.



Q. Was Barbara Bush born male?





Q. Is Taylor Swift the daughter of Anton Lavey?



That would be Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey.

Addendum 28/06/23: Taylor Swift is dead. She was a Black Hat.



Q. Is Sam Neill a White Hat?



He does not have cancer. This is to do with the overall (White Hat) agenda.



Q. Is Lance Reddick still alive? 



Reddick was announced as having died just about when John Wick: Chapter 4 was released. There was immediate speculation it was jab-related.



Q. Does Michael J Fox have Parkinson’s disease?



Disinfo agent extraordinaire Miles Mathis suggested this one, arguing the ruse was all about promoting stem cell research and such like. On the other hand, Miles also suggested…

Addendum 01/05/23: Fox is alive and a White Hat. This is a curious one, as the illness was not a ruse on behalf of Black Hats. It seems Fox has been presenting himself as suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the purposes of self-protection.



Q. Did Christopher Reeve break his neck?



The accident was Black Hat arranged. However, Reeve is still alive, and he is a White Hat.

Mathis suggested Reeve faked the accident for the same reasons as Fox and Parkinson’s.



Q. Is Rik Mayall still alive?



Mayall is a White Hat.



Q. Is Robin Williams still alive?



Williams is a White Hat.



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