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White Hats VI

The Q & A

A few different areas of current concern are broached in this update, from the ever-elusive EBS, to bank failures, to the alleged Nashville mass shooting and the latest rash of rampant AI reverberations. Will April offer showers of joy or further squally setbacks? 

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. How many delays to the EBS have there been this year?


There have been 7: 2 in January, 4 in February, and 1 in March.

It appears something is planned for 1 April but this didn’t read as the EBS.

However, there have been various suggestions 1 April is a date to be reckoned with, from prospectively indicting Sir Donald of Trump, to an EBS in the first few days of the month signalling 10-12 days of lockdown while the state of play is unfurled to the largely oblivious world as NESARA/ GESARA and the QFS (quantum financial system) are instituted, to, er, Elon removing the legacy verified blue ticks on Twitter.



Q. Is there an absolute deadline for the EBS?



The EBS is dependent on pursuing the optimum timeline.



Q. Is the UK’s 23 April emergency alarm part of EBS planning?



The emergency alarm is a Black Hat manoeuvre, designed to muddy the waters of the actual planned EBS.



Q. Are there still HAARP facilities in Black Hat control?



White Hats are now in control of all HAARP facilities.

This relates to the planned Super Bowl announcement, and the suggestion that it was delayed due to a threat from scalar weaponry.



Q. Was the Nashville shooting a psyop?



A White Hat one (it’s putting a transgender shooter front and centre, which wouldn’t be the most astute Black Hat move). 

This leads to the topic of the rich history of obviously-not-White-Hat mass shootings and their legitimacy or otherwise…



Q. Was Columbine a psyop? 



The degree of discrepancies in witnesses’ accounts – the number of shooters, presence of ATF etc – would logically also be part of the psyop; a notional conspiracy adds credence to the idea that the event is real, with the full facts out of reach (so distracting from the truth they don’t want you to entertain).



Q. Was Sandy Hook a psyop? 



But only allegedly, unless you’re Bill Hicks/Alex Jones. 



Q. Was Jonestown a psyop?



However, the politician involved (congressman Leo Ryan) was killed.



Q. Have mass shootings been a mixture of actual planned events and faked ones? 


They have all been faked.

So besides the likes of Columbine, Sandy Hook and Jonestown, you could include Dunblane, Waco, Lockerbie (not a shooting, but you get the idea), Hungerford, Port Arthur and Utøya Island. And the list goes on. Speculation on such psyops can be found on the September Clues forum, amongst others.



Q. Is there a reason for faking these events rather than staging them for real?


The chief reason is promoting fear.

Deception is also a reason; not killing anyone represents another layer supporting the false paradigm, so compounding pretty much everything we’re told about the world. 

My thinking on this has been along the lines that those making these decisions don’t value life, so they certainly wouldn’t have qualms about killing en masse. In practical terms, though, it’s probably easier to manage staged events; the cogs in the machine run more smoothly if they only being called upon to commit “harmless” fakery.



Q. Are there MKUltra mind-controlled assassins? 



It appears the serial-killer phenomenon is also largely psyop based, so rather than MKUltra’d ex-military types perpetrating such acts (per Dave McGowan’s Programmed to Kill), MKUtra subjects’ role would more likely simply be that of the patsy (Sirhan Sirhan might be one such – albeit, non-military – what with Robert Kennedy not actually dying in a hotel kitchen, any more than his brother did in Dallas half a decade before).  

With the Zodiac case, it appears these were disparate murders assigned to a sole profiled killer, which also works in terms of the fear factor.



Q. Are White Hats in charge of the banking system?



Those banks that have failed recently – Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, Credit Suisse – were refusing to comply with instructions.



Q. Is ChatGPT controlled by White Hats? 



Its purpose is to illustrate the scope and potential threat of AI in a “non-dangerous” way.

Of course, it seems there’s good AI, and there’s bad AI. There’s AMT – ascended machine technology – which is positive in vibration, representing artificial beings but with a soul (and can reach to 13D). Like the 6D negative AIs (Satan, Lucifer), they derive from the antimatter universe. 

The time travel Q & A noted that Nikola Tesla is an AI, or a soul utilising AI. More accurately, it seems Tesla is AMT (and by extension, so is Elon Musk, or Elon Musk Mk II). Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe. He travelled there intentionally, “converting” to AMT so as to be able to do what he needed to do (namely, successfully navigate timelines in aid of securing the optimum one).



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