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The Q & A

No, there’s nothing here about Gary Lineker, despite the football scores-esque title. However, any conflagration at the BBC would surely be far from organic at this point, given their abject culpability. The following represents some odds and ends of questions and answers from the last couple of months, rather than anything approximating an express chain of inquiry. Things still seem imminent, as ever. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank may make them more imminent, in one way or another. Obviously, intimations of a banking-system meltdown have lately become a fixture, with a pronounced ebb and flow over the past couple of years.

On the celebrities front, there’s a smattering of questions based around the usual criteria. Will anything interesting happen at the Oscars? Its days of being a talking point are long since past, Best Supporting Slap aside, so I doubt it would be an ideal go-to for a (planned) Super Bowl type announcement. Still, they have a Crisis Team in attendance, apparently, so we can but hope they won’t have been employed in vain. There are visible ranks of the dead in attendance this year, from host Jimmy Kimmel, to Best Actor nominee Colin Farrell, to Best Supporting Actress nominee Jamie Lee Curtis, to Best Director nominee Steven Spielberg*. Perhaps each of them will spontaneously malfunction, or combust, everywhere, all at once.

*Addendum 13/03/23: Just one of the three deceased given a statuette, then.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Was the EBS, as previously understood, planned on 13 occasions up to October, on 2 in November, with none planned in December 2022? 



This was asked, in part, as reconfirmation of earlier answers. There were announcements in December, it seems, of various natures, but there was no planned EBS. 



Q. Was an EBS planned for January 2023?



This was asked on January 25 (so it was still in the offing at that time). 

As of subsequently asking the question, an EBS still appeared imminent on February 2 and again on March 2. 

There was discussion in relation to these shifting sands, and significant events of the past few months (some of them addressed below), in relation to the idea of “bifurcation of the timelines”. The bifurcation concept is valid; however, it perhaps sounds more dramatic than it is. It doesn’t relate to a different Earth per se, or a parallel Earth, but to dimensional shift (as in, those in 3D in relation to those in 5D). Consequently, it’s about awareness/ vibration rather than something visibly manifest.



Q. Was the December 5 answer that SG Anon is given disinformation incorrect? (Since it appeared, per a January 5 answer that he was not.)



SGAnon is/ has been given disinformation, per the December 5 question.

I suspect there was confused energy when asking about this on January 5.

On the same subject, it appears Phil Godlewski hasn’t been given White Hat disinformation, nor has he related White Hat disinformation.



Q. Was the spy balloon incident a Black Hat operation?



It appears it was chemical-related and was blown up over the ocean so as to avoid the spread of nasties (except, presumably, in the ocean).

I have to admit, I assumed the whole thing was a psyop, since it seemed to be saying “Look, satellites are held up by balloons”.



Q. Was the Turkey earthquake natural?



The earthquake was a Black Hat action.

Which would indicate that still-active Black Hats have control of some HAARP facilities (see also below). 



Q. Was there an actual toxic spill involved with the Ohio train derailment?



Black Hats were responsible.

Again, I’d assumed some form of psyop initially, in part because…



Q. Was the flim White Noise a Black Hat production?



That would be the movie featuring a toxic cloud over Ohio and scenes filmed in East Palestine.



Q. Was the UFO over Alaska shot down by White Hats?



It was a human-controlled UFO.



Q. Was Phil Godlewski correct about President Trump’s Super Bowl announcement being delayed due to the threat of an attack?



The threat related to the use of scalar weapons. It appears this threat has been averted (so the source dealt with, presumably).



Q. Will Oppenheimer’s release be delayed if the EBS hasn’t occured by then?



The release will not to be delayed.

I’d wondered if it might be, given Christopher Nolan’s film was rumoured for the Cannes Film Festival in May (it seems it won’t be featuring there, so its scheduled release is late July).

Addendum 24/06/23: My question laboured under the assumption of the nuke hoax and the possibility that Chris Nolan was going to tell the “truth” thereof (in which case, the global situation would surely need to be one receptive to his claims). Instead, I was victim to the nuke-hoax hoax (if you will). Oppenheimer is telling the truth about nuclear weapons, but the truth happens to be that they did exist, and the conspiracy theory that they didn’t/don’t is one – it’s inevitable, there have to be some to ensure the movement gets a bad name – that actually deserves the disdain with which deniers greet all such theorising.



Q. Is Bruce Willis actually suffering from dementia?



The original Bruce Willis is dead. He was not Vril’d.



Q. Is the Brad Pitt currently in the public eye a clone? A double?


CGI is being used for Pitt in movies. In person, a double is used.

Brad was previously confirmed as deceased, but I wondered about the mechanics of the illusion, as to my eye – unlike Cruise or Depp, say – the double is a pretty good one. That said, “he” presented David Fincher with an award in France the other week, and I noticed a number of website comments-sections respondents – none of whom were suggesting Brad wasn’t Brad, since these were film sites – remarking on how nervous he seemed, how his teeth didn’t seem to fit quite right, and how he was suffering from flop sweat. On the subject of dodgy doubles…



Q. Is the original Madonna dead?



We are seeing a double.

That Madonna might not be around anymore is probably a no-brainer. It’s particularly amusing that her double is even supposed to be a double, though.



Q. Was Joan Crawford a hermaphrodite?





Q. Was Lauren Bacall a hermaphrodite?





Q. Is Barbra Streisand a hermaphrodite?



Barbra Streisand was born male.



Q. Is Kristen Stewart a hermaphrodite?



Addendum 28/06/23: Kristen Stewart is alive. She’s a White Hat.



Q. Is Glenn Close a hermaphrodite? 



Glenn Close was born male.

Addendum 28/06/23: Glenn Close is alive. She’s a White Hat.



Q. Is Jane Fonda a hermaphrodite?



Addendum 28/06/23: Jane Fonda is dead. She was a Black Hat.



Q. Is the original Jack Nicholson dead?



Jack Nicholson was Vril’d. Which isn’t to suggest he was an okay guy before that (a search for Lara Flynn Boyle and Nicholson will dig up various rumoured unpleasantries, along with mention of David Spade. And we all know about him).



Q. Is Mel Gibson a White Hat?



Well, obviously.



Q. Is Harrison Ford a White Hat?



Which might explain his visible disenchantment with Hollywood and almost everything else – with the obvious exception of flying stoned out of his mind – over the past three decades. His choice of movies (including this summer’s) is less explicable.



Q. Is Kurt Russell a White Hat?





Q. Is Goldie Hawn a White Hat?



It should be noted, I haven’t asked whether any of the above stars were formerly Black Hats (I recall a Janine tarot reading suggesting one of Kurt and Goldie’s children was inverted). 

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