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The Crazy World of Corey Goode

The Q & A

Because everything he says IS crazy, right? Blue Avians, 20 and Back, Sphere Being Alliance, Moon colonies, Mars colonies, Inner Earth civilisations, the works. And if it isn’t craziness on his part, the only remaining option must be that, seemingly by his own admittance, it’s all express fabrication; Corey Goode’s a charlatan out to hoodwink the super gullible for personal gain. 

Or is he (crazy/conman)? I followed Corey’s story initially when consummate self-evangeliser David Wilcock climbed aboard his space raft and graced him with the gift of the Wilcock seal of approval. Obviously, it didn’t seem quite right that the Avians had omitted to take David into their personal confidence too, but everything else was bona fide and quite in order. In due course, I went from sceptical interest to ignoring new reports altogether, reasoning that, if Corey was the genuine article, how could he know for sure how much of his recollections were valid? After all, he’d been through military programmes that are fluent in manipulation, memory wiping and the general debasement of reality. And now he was being allowed a public platform.

It seems, however, that Corey deserves something of a break. The abiding concern remains one of sifting truth from fiction and/or obfuscation, since pretty much no material, channelled or allegedly experienced directly, warrants unconditional acceptance. Both the Seth Material and the Ra Material – the latter oft-cited by Wilcock, and it seems delivered by the same Blue Avians who have met up with Corey – have their omissions and inaccuracies, be it for reasons of free will (this appears to be where “I am Ra” is coming from), a decision to focus on a particular truth or truths and not become side-tracked, or straightforward mis-channelling. Since Corey gained a wider audience through David’s sponsorship, I’ll begin with a question, the obvious question, on him. 

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is David Wilcock the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?



I considered including this in a celebrities post, but I wouldn’t want to fan David’s irrepressible ego further by awarding him that status. 



Q. Is Corey Goode’s testimony genuine?



Corey believes what he is saying. His account is 70-80 percent accurate. His information regarding outer space, for example, is part of the 20-30 percent inaccurate information. His “admittance” that he made up/invented his experiences is a tactic and does not mean that he is a con artist.

Which is to say, the basics of Corey’s story are authentic, but he has also embroidered or obscured information.



Q. Has Corey Goode’s memory been altered in respect of certain information and events?





Q. Is Corey aware of true Earth shape? 



While Corey is aware of the true Earth shape, he has expressed the view that Flat Earth is a psyop and sociological study. Strictly speaking, I suppose it could be said this assessment is correct – since it functions that way for most of those who appraise it and dismiss it as such – and also that it’s a crater, rather than a flat Earth per se, but you get the idea. He’s said he’s seen the Earth from space and it’s round. You know, like those NASA CGI images.



Q. Was Corey Goode correct about the “20 and Back” programme?



“20 and Back” constituted Corey’s term of service with the SSP (secret space programme), whereby he worked through the period 1986/7-2007 and was brought back to 1987, aged regressed and blank-slated (his memory wiped of the experience). Corey was born in 1970 (I think), so he’s actually 73.



Q. Is Corey Goode’s report on attending a tour of a Mars colony accurate? 



He did not attend a tour of a Mars colony.

This is where we begin to tread on thornier ground. There are other (3D) places in the Universe, but Mars is not in 3D (and it isn’t in “outer space”). Per the Edgar Cayce readings’ Mars’ dimensional properties are 1 (there being 8 dimensions in our “solar system”).

Addendum 14/04/24: There is, however, a colony with humans in the Lands of Mars, beyond the Ice Wall. Whether the two are related is unclear.



Q. Did Corey Goode attend a meeting at the Moon base? 


Corey attended Moon base through a portal. The Moon base – LOC; Lunar Operations Command, per Corey – is in another dimension. It is not physically 3D. Corey was not in his body when he attended. The experience was an astral one. 

A point of non-corporeal comparison would be the afterlife state (which doesn’t mean his Moon trip represents a between- lives experience). Further, it seems those “manning” the LOC are also aware that they are present astrally, rather than physically.



Q. Does Corey’s account of a Tall Grey base on the Moon also relate to an astral event?



The Tall Grey base represents a physical place but not on the Moon. The event did not occur on the Moon. It took place elsewhere.



Q. Does the soul trapping referenced in this account relate to abductees only?



The soul-trap concept is one that has been popularised in some circles, that souls are unable to escape prison planet Earth and so are continually recycled in a never-ending reincarnational purgatory, by Dark Forces of some description (the specific culprits depending on the account). 

At one (earlier) point, Corey was asked about this and said he’d never been briefed on such a possibility. Which is, let’s face it, on the bleak end of the conjectural spectrum, up there with demiurgic corrupt creations as the status quo. His Tall Grey Moon base report is one of the last that appears on his website.



Q. Are Corey Goode’s reports of reptilian bases on the Moon and Mars accurate?



These bases exist physically but, as per the Tall Grey Moon base, not in those locations.



Q. Is Corey Goode’s report of a reptilian city under Antarctica accurate?



This report included “hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of reptilians in hibernation. They have been destroyed (there are now no Draco on Earth). His figure tallies with the 900,000 Draco on Earth at their peak confirmed in a previous Q & A (a number that surprised me, as it sounded like an awful lot of them swarming around underground somewhere).



Q. Is Corey’s report of meetings with Inner Earth groups accurate?



There are seven Inner Earth groups. Meetings with them take place physically. As reported by Corey, they have breakaway civilisations.

Corey’s account includes breakaway Mayans and the Anshar (white-haired Nordic types).



Q. Is Corey’s report of Raptors in the Inner Earth accurate?



Corey’s take, or at least, the one he voiced, was that they are a reptilian/avian mix or evolutionary diversion/split of the dinosaurs (although, we all know the dinosaurs are a hoax). He commented “They are not covered in scales but looked like stretched skin of a featherless bird to me”. Some of them have plume of feathers on their heads/ running down their backs.

The raptors are not Draco (Corey indicated some aligned themselves with Draco, however, while others formed an alliance with humans). 

It appears they were put here by the Anunnaki, through intervention in the timeline. 



Q. Did the AIs come here from another “dimension” or “reality”? 



Corey referencesa predatory, malevolent artificial intelligence, or AI” (or rather, David’s words). He also confirms that the Draco are infested with its nanites. Corey advised that “this ‘ET AI’ is only considered so in our ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’. It does behave exactly like all other created AIs by other beings and has thus been assigned the same designation. This is not ‘Its’ originating or home ‘Reality’ or ‘Dimension’”. He also suggests the AI would be considered “quite a normal… life form” in its own “pond”.

These AIs are 6D negative.



Q. Is the dimension the AIs come from that of antimatter?



This wasn’t proposed by Corey, but I wondered if it might be considered as such, given the Seth Material references “an infinite number of systems or universes between matter and antimatter” when discussing probable systems of reality (“probable events are events whether or not you perceive them”). This is not to suggest antimatter falls into the arena of probable events, but it does, as its name indicates, qualify as an inverse, located at the other end of the spectrum. Whether that means it is automatically of a negative polarity (density negative) is another question. It would certainly appear to be when interacting with our matter, based on these AIs.



Q. Is Satan an AI?



Satan, Lucifer and Baphomet are all AIs of this type (that is, 6D negative, from an antimatter dimension or reality).

Corey and David raised the idea that the AI is “referred to in various religious tests as Satan, or ‘The Adversary’”. Which ties up neatly with the dangers of the transhumanist doctrine.



Q. Is the Black Goo both natural and engineered?



The Black Goo was brought to Earth by the Draco.

It was AI engineered from a naturally existing parasite.

Previous Q & A answers – that the Black Goo is a natural substance – appeared potentially at odds with Corey’s account that it was an ET AI “creation/engineered product”. Corey refers to its nanite/s (nanotech): “a viscus fluid that changed viscosity depending on the electrical charge or EM Field and Vibratory Frequencies it was exposed to”. It was also “created by one of the former ‘AI Prophet’ Races”.



Q. Are there Greys from elsewhere, besides the future human Greys?



I’d come at this from the opposite direction to Corey. The Zeta Greys have been popularised from way back as the standard-issue ETs, variants thereof depicted in the likes of Communion and The X-Files (and by extension, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but there as an entirely friendly force). But the idea that the Greys were simply masquerading as ETs when contacting twentieth-century humans, to mask their future status, seemed to cover a lot of bases. It appears, however that both operations were running in tandem with, but distinctly from, each other (time-travelling future humans and Zeta Grey abductions). Bashar will have it that the Zeta Greys are a reasonable and benign bunch but, well, he’s channelling them, isn’t he?

Corey’s understanding was that the Greys are principally of the ET variety (“there are different stories about them, that they come from different dimensions or come from our future”). He also commentedOne of the partial disclosure narratives was designed to focus on this idea – namely that all the human-looking and grey-looking ETs come from competing time lines in our future”.



Q. Is the Sphere Being Alliance real?



This is, of course, the group who transport Corey from his home (energetic “sphere beings” arrive there). He appears as a delegate on behalf of the Sphere Being Alliance or meets with the SSP Alliance. The alliance, per Corey is a group of five sixth-ninth density beings (and, in answer to a question on the subject, he indicated that the Andromeda Council is not part of this Alliance). They arehumble servants of cosmic law and our collective free will choices” who, it seems, have been “buffering the Ascension process” while sending mixed messages on intervening/not intervening and the parameters thereof. 

The sphere beings/ orbs (coloured blue, indigo and violet) are, per Corey, “the highest density of the five beings”, which include the Blue Avians (hurrah!) and the Golden Triangles (which makes me think of Silent Hill, for some reason, so I should probably resist that). Meetings take place between the Sphere Being Alliance, the Super Federation (comprising at least 60 different ET races) and the Draco Federation. He also references the Sphere Being Alliance being part of the Galactic Federation. An awful lot of alliances, federations and councils to keep track of, then.

With regard to various degrees of physicality in relation to Corey’s contacts, it’s my understanding that no densities beyond the fifth are physical. How that affects the logistics of Corey’s meetings with them, I’ll need to look into further*.

*Addendum 15/04/23: This is not the case. Some are physical and some are not.


Q. Are the Blue Avians real?



The Blue Avians being the ones that invited the most ridicule directed at Corey, not least from the likes of Dark Journalist. 



Q. Are they the Blue Avians the same ETs as the Law of One’s Ra?



This connection was made by self-professed Law of One scholar Wilcock. Per Ra’s testimony – “I am Ra” – he/they (as a social memory complex) evolved out of the third density on Venus approximately 2.6 billion years ago (Venus, like Mars, is non-3D, however. Per the Cayce readings, its dimensional property is 4). Ra was responsible for the construction of the Great Pyramid, so he says. 

I’ll be looking at the Ra Material – “I am Ra” – some more in a forthcoming post. Channelled by Carla Rueckert, working with Don Elkins and James McCarty, in the early 1980s, its ethos essentially revolves around the principles of “Service to Others” or “Service to Self”, whereby one may progress through either application, both being a form of “love” (on the Service to Others path one could, for example, be 5D positive, whereas on the Service to Self path, more difficult to scale the ladder, one could be 5D negative).



Q. Are the Triangle Heads real?





Q. Is Ascension essentially a consciousness shift, rather than one of the physical body?



Again, there’ll be more on this when looking at the Law of One material. This represents the transition to 5D (albeit, Corey and David refer to it as the transition to 4D). There’s some conflicting information in Corey’s accounts, it appears partly because David’s been feeding him Law of One information as gospel, but with his own additional spin (those who “graduate” and “stay with the Earth end up transforming into ‘fourth density’” while the rest get “safe passage in a cosmic Noah’s Ark-type situation to a new planet to continue in ‘third density’“).



Q. In relation to which density is the ascension process?



Again, the focus on moving to 4D appears to be part of the Law of One information from the 1980s. This may have been accurate then, but it seems it’s now all about 5D.



Q. Is the ascension process related to a solar event?



This seemed iffy sounding, since, well, our Sun is a plasma body up there in the firmament, not millions of miles away andemanating a series of powerful energetic blasts in a pulsing manner. I then saw the energy waves hitting the Earth’s magnetic field and wrapping around it. The energy was directed into the Earth’s core via the north and south poles and then emerged outward from the Earth’s surface”. At this point, of solar event or events, the AI threat, Archons and all negative entities will be “pushed back to somewhere called ‘The Outer Realm’”. The Draco included, becausean incompatible energy will emanate from the Sun for about a thousand years”. 

Some of those points may have validity irrespective of the ascension aspect, on an energetic level. On a practical level, though, if there are Atlanteans and Lemurians in 5D, and some of them in 6D, and Atlantis moved to 5D 19,000 years ago, solar events or 25,000-year cycles don’t appear to be essential to such transitions (as always however, this is subject to revision on further investigation).



Q. Are the Blue Avians correct that less than 300,000 are due to ascend? 



This being the transition to 5D.



Q. Does this figure relate to NPCs?  



There’s more on NPCs here. Starseeds are not part of this number because they are already in 5D.



Q. Does this figure relate to the 144,000?



This is the number who will ascend.

144,000 is referenced in The Book of Revelation, of course. The most curious aspect of this is that it appears to be a fixed number, while the Blue Avians and the Ra Material make a big thing about stressing the need to strive for a maximum “harvest” (the Ra Material’s somewhat inelegant term for ascension).



Q. Was the Ra Material accurate that there were close to 65m starseeds (also quoted is “in excess of sixty million”)? 



The figure given in previous answers to the Q & A is one percent, which is approximately 55m.

David makes a big thing of the Ra Material numbers – starseeds are referred to as Wanderers there – and asserts that, by now, “those numbers are significantly higher – possibly up to 300 million or more”.



Q. Is it the case that Dark Forces (the Illuminati/ Cabal) have sought to pull starseeds off mission? 



Per Corey’s testimony, they have been out looking for the gifted, attempting to bring them into dark programmes (MILABs) and corrupt them.

In similar regard, it also appears, in respect of the Tall Greys in the “Moon base” referenced by Corey, the suggestion that “Many of the souls they deal with are starseed souls” is inaccurate.



Q. Are Orbs mainly visiting starseeds?



These being the Sphere Being Alliance orbs.


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