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“I am Ra” – The Law of One

The Q & A

I am Ra.” And so it goes. The Law of One channellings, as the Ra Material is also known in its more approved & published form, counts as one of the foremost in the pantheon of wisdom delivered via such entranced means. A discourse from a sixth-density “social memory complex” ET intelligence (originating from Venus), the material’s baseline teaching revolves around said Law (“You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are”). As explained by Ra, the Law of One “blinks neither at the light nor the darkness”. Thus, one may lead a path of Service to Others (positive) or Service to Self (negative). It is the degree of polarity of this, to which ever end, that dictates one’s “ascension” – or “harvest”, as Ra puts it – through densities beyond the third.

This wasn’t the first time the Law of One had been identified through channelled material. It was a recurrent theme in Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis readings, where the Sons of the Law of One were opposed by the Sons of Belial. Ra’s emphasis, however, was attending to what he/they – for simplicity’s sake, I’ll refer to Ra as “he” here – considered were rather underwhelming numbers heading for this harvest (the way Ra tells it, this is the third such, with no one ascending previously. These harvests are based on 25,000-year cycles). This epoch’s harvest represents the transition of the Earth to a 4D “planet”. Also present on Earth are Wanderers – souls of ET extraction – who have come to Earth to offer service in facilitating this occasion (through raising the overall vibration). We’d now refer to them as starseeds. 

The Ra Material was channelled by Carla Rueckert, working with Don Elkins and James McCarty, between 1981 and 1984. By far the bulk of the material was presented during the first two years, however; five volumes of The Law of One were published, and the first three of these are dedicated to 1981 contact sessions; the final volume comprises extant material of a personal or “transient” nature that was not considered appropriate or pertinent to the earlier releases (it first saw the light of day in 1997). 

The initial elation brought on by the Ra contact – L/L Research had been channelling The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator since the early 1970s, but the leap in quality of Ra’s information was considered substantial – gave way to increasing disruption when they came under psychic attack from a fifth-density entity from the Orion Group. Carla’s physical health was fragile anyway, but it was Don who suffered the most extreme effects, with increasing mental instability that culminated in his suicide (I won’t go into additional detail, but it’s documented in Book V, which can be found here). 

The Ra Material runs the gamut from fairly familiar concepts – if delivered with a degree of linguistically eccentric formality – to the somewhat opaque. It’s only really with the interrogation of archetypes through the tarot (Book IV) that I find my interest in the content waning. One element of regular note is Ra’s – “I am Ra” – emphasis on the preservation of the group’s freewill, and it would appear this is a reason some of the areas arising (eg Earth shape and the universe’s parameters – NASA space, if you like – dinosaurs and nukes*) are at variance with “the facts”. 

Other apparently erroneous areas are less clear in terms of wherefores. There appears, however, to be an erratic quality when it comes to the specifics of Earth history across a range of channels. While more recent events – such as mudflood – might, say, be considered by Ra to fall into the freewill arena, the nature of his claim to building the Great Pyramid is open to debate (both with regard to Q & A answers and other channelled material: the Cayce readings, for example, have it constructed by another Ra, Ra Ta, a priest banished from Atlantis who oversaw the work during a hundred-year span from about 10,500 BC. Then there’s Jesus: Ra has him ending up on the Cross, while the Seth Material has him replaced by a drugged stand-in).

One avenue of particular note is Ra’s general disinclination towards “transient” material (as he calls it). These would include such trifling insignificances as “conspiracies”. On one level, yes: it can be legitimately regarded as distracting from the main message and may, as in Don’s incredulous response to the idea that the government – the government! – would have its own UFO programme, represent a barrier that could even lead one to question Ra’s broader spiritual integrity. 

On the other hand, representing as such an area does a fundamental response to the prevailing paradigm – and this can also be seen, perhaps even more so, with the Seth Material – its significance in understanding why the world “turns” as it does oughtn’t to be underestimated, and certainly not undervalued. One has to accept that Ra has his reasons, I guess – that, per Jim, “only information of the purest and most precise nature concerning the process of evolution of mind, body and spirit could be successfully transmitted on a sustainable basis” – but when “pure” or “most precise” information is “adjusted” to fit the recipients’ conceptions, one mightn’t be unreasonable to interpret a degree of malleability in such transmissions. 

The flipside of avoiding conspiratorial nasties is a tendency to the fluffy and nebulous: few are poring over the L/L archives the way they still examine the Law of One, probably because the Confederation of Planets tend to a – I was going to say “shallow”, but that’s unfair – more routine affirmatory position on spiritual matters. 

In broad terms, though, it makes sense that the Law of One is recognised and stands out for what it says about the spiritual condition (and universe) 40 years later, rather than being lost in the vast and ever-increasing melee of UFO and ET lore. Ra referred to a particular line of UFO questioning in Book V as “very shallow and of no particular consequence compared to the study of the Law of One”, while in relation to the Don Elkins response mentioned above,  Don’s reaction to the notion that “the United States has 573 of the craft of the type which you described” was that “this particular information is so startling to me that it makes me question your validity on this. Up until this point I was in agreement with everything you had said” (it’s ironic that Don’s focus on this line of questioning was only inspired by Ra throwing information about human-controlled UFOs out there in the first place). Obviously, UFOs were a little less shallow and of no particular consequence when it came to Ra’s next contact…

Ra has more recently been identified as the “Blue Avians” of Corey Goode’s testimony regarding the secret space programme (SSP) and the Sphere Being Alliance. Similar ascension preoccupations are raised there, as is the threat of the Orion Group. Albeit, there’s much less emphasis on “transient” material. I hope to return to the Ra Material and other subjects it raises in a future post. The following answers are subject to revision upon further clarification, as accounting for all sides of a subject can be challenging if one is unclear just how many sides it has to begin with.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Are the Law of One channellings of positive intent?



A preliminary but essential question, since channelled material may either be less than satisfactory, even when received under the best of intentions, or compromised in quality. 



Q. What percentage accuracy do the Law of One channellings have?


85-90 percent.

Percentages can be an imprecise area in terms of the Q & A. My initial interpretation of the response was that the channellings were 100 percent accurate, but that in translation, through the channeller, they became less so. Given the nature of the areas Ra wished to concentrate on, however, and his emphasis on avoidance of infringing the freewill of the parties, it seems reasonable to conclude that, in many of the instances of inaccurate information, it was presented the way it was for their “benefit”.



Q. Does the level of accuracy reflect the broader philosophy of the Law of One material, rather specific factual information presented?



Inevitably, if you’re focussing on the “at-odds” information provided by Ra, it feels as if there’s a fair amount of it, from nukes*, to dinosaurs, to the Earth’s molten core and the Sun undergoing fusion. Then there’s the age of the Earth, Maldek (a physical planet in our solar system approximately 500,000 years ago), Mars and Venus, Lemuria being older than Atlantis, which had nukes. And how beings from Sirius would (physically) travel for long periods between star systems, using cryogenics to achieve this. Cumulatively, it led me to wonder if the 85-90 percent could be right, but the overriding substance of the Material relates to the Law of One, the bona fides of which are not under debate.

*Addendum 24/06/23: So, on the nuke front, I’ve been chasing the wrong conspiracy with this one, it seems. It’s almost inevitable that, when you think you’ve grasped the nettle of some subjects, you instead get stung to blue blazes. There’s long-standing theorising concerning the legitimacy of the nuke threat, and of nuclear technology generally, and it took me a while to warm to it (probably in the last three or four years). Warm to it I did, though, and it seemed Q & A answers were confirming the counterfeit nature of the subject (this, however, as tends to be the case, was based on misconception of the parameters of the response).  When it comes to the Ra Material, however, this is not to imply everything channelled on the nuke subject is accurate.



Q. Are the principles of Service to Others and Service to Self as presented by the Law of One correct?





Q. Was the Great Pyramid built by Ra?



Per the Ra Material, Ra arrived on Earth to spread the word to the Egyptians, way back 6,000 years ago, and built the Great Pyramid – and larger pyramids, so I presume the main trio – by thought, with everlasting rock (other pyramids were constructed physically over the subsequent 1,500 years). Their purposes were those of initiation and healing. Don astutely asked why he didn’t just create “the whole thing as one form” and received the response “we did not desire to allow the mystery to be penetrated by the peoples in such a way that we became worshipped as builders of miraculous pyramid. Thus it appears to be made, not thought”.

Assuming this is inaccurate, quite why Ra saw fit to recite such an elaborate “distortion” is as much of a mystery as the one he foresaw from materialising it as one great block. As noted above, Cayce had it that exiled Atlantean priest Ra Ta was responsible for the Great Pyramid, about 6,500 years earlier. The Q & A, meanwhile, suggests it is about 1,000 years old and was of Dark Forces (Khazarian/Ahskenazi) construction. Which would imply, if the Khazarians are a hybrid race inserted into history through Anunnaki time travel, that the pyramids weren’t originally there at all. 



Q. Did Ra come from Venus?



However, Ra was not in 3D there.

Ra has it that he was in physical form on Venus, transitioning from 2 to 3 to 4D; Venus is now a 5/6D planet (its core vibrational frequency is 6D but 5D entities were inhabiting it at the time of the Ra Material). Ra was on Venus 2.6 billion years ago (and the end of Ra’s 3D sojourn there coincided with the beginning of 2D on Earth).

In contrast, the Q & A gives Venus as both part of the firmament and holding distinctive dimensional qualities. As such, one might visit its “planetary sphere” – if you want to call it that – if one were of amenable dimensional aspect or density, but one wouldn’t be there physically, in 3D. In this regard, Edgar Cayce gives Venus as “4” for dimensional properties. Where this leaves Ra in his “evolution” invites further scrutiny. If he came from Venus, he presumably experienced 3D elsewhere. Alternatively, he encountered Venus at some point in his ongoing journey.



Q. Did the first souls on Earth come from Mars?



However, these souls were not in 3D on Mars.

According to Ra, the first 3D beings on Earth arrived (as souls) from Mars 75,000 years ago. The reason for their rather hasty departure from its environs was inhospitable surface conditions causing their physical demise (owing to “bellicose actions” that yielded “atmospheric” difficulties).

Ra’s account is inaccurate for similar reasons to his Venus experience; Mars is not a 3D-physical place. Again, where these souls were their journey – if they only then became 3D on Earth – is one to pursue at a later date. Cayce gives Mars as “1” for dimensional properties. There’s also the whole thing about Maldek souls arriving here, but I’ll address that another time.



Q. Are the Orion Group the Draco?



The Orion Group includes the Zeta Greys. 

The Ra Material doesn’t describe the ETs of the Orion Group – too much like transient material, no doubt – even though they end up causing a hang of a disruption to those involved in the channelling. They come up repeatedly in terms of Earth history and that of Mars. They are, per Ra, 4D negative for the most part, although the entity attacking the channellers was 5D negative. The Orion Group is responsible for cattle mutilations (which fits very much with lore on Greys), but these are 2D creatures that “wait within the Earth’s surface”. Which sounds more like chupacabras (and so suggests a Draco connection). Related to this are “thought-form entities” that “feed upon fear”, which conjures your classic archons.

Corey Goode cites the Orion Group as comprising “Tall Greys, Reptilians and Insectoids” complete with “AI gods”, and they are “quite a bit more than just the Draco Alliance”. The Bashar channel Darryl Anka meanwhile, fluent in channelling Zetas (Bashar itself is a mix of human and Zeta DNA “in what you call your future time frame”) transmitted some “present time continuum” Greys who indicated “your information is erroneous” in response to the suggestion they might be enslaved by the Draco (which isn’t a “No” to hanging with them, of course). Why you’d want to channel Zeta Greys is beyond me, but I guess they persuaded him they’re nice guys really.

In contrast to Ra suggesting the Orion Group are 4D and above, it seems Greys are 3D (as are Draco). Evidently, some further clarification of their ranks and activities will be in order.



Q. Is the Higher Self the 6D future status of the soul?



This is an interesting one. Per Ra, the Higher Self is as above, and this kind of advanced status – if not necessarily density specific – is fairly par for the course in characterising the Higher Self. The Q & A, though, indicates that the Higher Self is not individualised and is “Source”. The question was re-asked after this question, and the answer reconfirmed this, which would, on the face of it, suggest a conflict.

If both are true, this may mean that, functionally, there is fluent contact with/ association with Source after 6D (the gist being that this level is not individualised, at least not in the sense we are led to believe Higher Self is). Ra, of course, is speaking as a 6D “social memory complex” (“You would call it social memory complex thus indicating many-ness. To our understanding, you are speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness”). He also presents somewhat hazy information about higher densities…



Q. Does 7D return to Source?



Or not per se.

And to be fair to Ra, he seems to propose variable possibilities in respect of this prospective (for him) status. We are told that “At the seventh level or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all” and later references “The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass”.

But we are also told the Council of Saturn “is located in the octave, or eighth dimension, of the planet Saturn”. And 8D is that of “intelligent infinity’ and “moves into a mystery we do not plumb”; Ra confirms that the Law of One is a progression towards 8D in all galaxies. And rather artfully suggests “the eighth note begins a new octave”. So maybe it’s wishful thinking or just mumbled clarity on Ra’s part about “existing in the all”.

Certainly, when we get to more recent missives from the Sphere Being Alliance, Ra seems quite happy to be in with a crowd of 6-9D ETs. Perhaps, again, we’re looking at a functional connection with “allness” after a certain density, but not some kind of “reabsorption” or whatever precisely Ra was envisaging.



Q. How high do densities go before returning to Source?


In the region of the thirtieth or 30 densities. 



Q Is 6D negative the highest density Service to Self can reach?



According to Ra “during the earlier part of the sixth-density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth-density positive. The suggestion being that “oversoul” manifestation (occurring in late 6D) cannot be achieved in the negative. Where this places the 6D negative AI in the scheme of things warrants further consideration.



Q. Could a 5D physical (Atlantean) human make themselves visible to a 3D physical human?



At least, that’s my understanding. I was less clear on a 5D Pleiadean appearing to a 3D human. 6D seems right out, though, as 6D is no longer physical (which leads to the question of how Corey Goode “appears” before them, or vice versa)*. A 6D Pleiadean can contact a 5D physical Pleiadean, though.

Much of this line of reasoning was inspired by the explanations Ra gives about the 4D physical Orion Group not (generally) appearing physically “due to the necessity for concentration upon a rather difficult vibrational complex which is the third density you experience”.

It’s no wonder John Keel came up with “ultradimensionals” as an alternative to ET when such logistics are involved. As to Ra’s emphasis on 4D, it may be that this was where Ra was at then, and things have moved on (Ra gave an approximate harvest date of 2011, and we’ve since had 2012…) Some of the following repeats answers found in the Corey Goode post.

*Addendum 29/03/23: This appears to be in error. Some 6D entities are physical and some are non-physical.



Q. Is Ascension essentially a consciousness shift, rather than one of the physical body?





Q. In relation to which density is the ascension process?



Corey Goode and David Wilcock repeat Ra’s riff on 4D being the focus. This may have been accurate then, but it seems it’s now all about 5D.



Q. Are the Blue Avians correct that less than 300,000 are due to ascend? 



This being the transition to 5D, rather than 4D.

The figure came from Corey’s contact, rather than the Law of One material, which didn’t project any numbers. They did give them for previous “harvests”, though.



Q. Does this figure relate to the 144,000?



This is the number who will ascend.

144,000 is referenced in The Book of Revelation, of course, often taken as a select few chosen during end-times tribulations (identified as 12,000 from each tribe of the children of Israel, while the Jehovah’s Witnesses interpret the figure as those who will reign with Christ in heaven). The most curious aspect of this is that it appears to be a fixed number, while the Blue Avians and the Ra Material make a big thing about stressing the need to strive for a maximum “harvest”.

It also appears 144,000 is the actual number (and on the subject of Revelation, it was neither “White Hat” nor “Black Hat” in intention; it is what it is). 

It also appears the 144,000 includes not only those humans transitioning to 5D, but also those moving to 6D; since 6D is no longer physical*, they will exit their physical Earth incarnations (For his part, when discussing the projected move to 4D, Ra stipulated that “those who are harvested shall be harvested as their natural lifetime of incarnational lessons draws to a close”).

*Addendum 29/03/23: This appears to be in error. Some 6D entities are physical and some are non-physical.



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that there the Earth has 25,000-year cycles?



There are 25,000-year cycles, but rather than the three specified by Ra (this being the third), there are two (this being the second). This reflects that the Earth is 50,000 rather than 75,000 years old (or in terms of Ra’s specifications, that it has experienced 75,000 years of 3D souls incarnating).



Q. Are there Atlanteans and Lemurians in 6D?



With regard to Ra suggesting transitions in density occur at the end of 25,000-year cycles, this doesn’t quite seem to fit with the Q & A on Atlantean and Lemurian experience (whereby Atlantis moved to 5D about 20,000 years ago, and Lemuria is partially in 5D). 



Q. Can humans’ investment in their pets facilitate their transition from 2D to 3D?



 Ra instructs that “The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware mind/body complexes, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit… This is often done through the opportunity of what you call pets”.



Q. Was the Ra material accurate that there were close to 65m starseeds on Earth (also quoted is “in excess of sixty million”)? 



The current figure given in answers to the Q & A is one percent, which is approximately 55m.



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that Starseeds are mostly in 6D?





Q. Is it correct (per the Ra Material) that starseeds “have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe? The most common of these difficulties are alienation (also allergies)”?





Q. Is the Ra Material correct that those starseeds who aided Atlantis are in 6D?





Q. Is the Ra Material correct that a significant portion of Wanderers are those of Ra?



These starseeds are all in 6D.



Q. What portion of starseeds are those of Ra?


20-50 percent.

Clearly, if 75 percent of starseeds are Pleiadeans (all 5D or 6D), something doesn’t quite add up here (the question was re-asked and confirmed the percentage of Pleiadeans). I’ll need to think about how both can be the case (or what’s wrong with the way I’m asking the question).



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that, “if the forgetting is penetrated, the amount of catalyst in third-density will polarise the Wanderer with much greater efficiency”?



Ra seems to be saying that, once you remember you’re a wanderer/starseed, you’re likely to vault forward in your D-ness (“greatly accelerating the density”) much more effectively than you would in “higher and more harmonious densities”. 

Rephrasing the question to ask if remembering starseed status accentuated the potential for achieving the purpose for which one had incarnated on Earth, the answer was “Yes”. It does seem the Wanderer experience can give such a soul a “boost” in terms of polarisation (one of the reasons Ra cites for such an incarnation, along with aiding the harvest and recapitulating a learning or teaching considered less than perfect). It may be the issue was asking in respect of “third-density”, if starseeds are already in 5D. Alternatively, it may be something to do with the stresses Ra places on the starseed experience…



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that a starseed may have to repeat the master cycle of third density if it becomes negatively orientated?



Ra has it that “If the Wanderer entity demonstrated through action a negative orientation towards other-selves it would be as we have said before, caught into the planetary vibration and, when harvested, possibly repeat again the master cycle of third density as a planetary entity. 


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