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The Celebrity Register III

The Q & A

Less an update than a continuance, as the resting states of most of these stars – where they have indeed shuffled off – are likely at least several years’ standing now. Some of the questions and answers here are collating those from other White Hats posts. I haven’t confirmed whether all those deceased were Vril’d or simply adrenochrome addicts but may inquire after some of them at a later date. One of the significant parts of this post is essentially an amendment, or you might say an addition. Really, it should have been an obvious assumption going in, what with all the Baphomet worship going on; it seems, rather than flat-out inverting many of Hollywood’s leading lights, they stood somewhere in between.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is Jamie Lee Curtis still alive?



Jamie Lee Curtis is dead. We are seeing a clone.

This question was inspired by the sick art captured on her office wall that she posted on Instagram. There was no way “outing” herself that way was going to happen by accident. 



Q. Was Jamie Lee Curtis born male?



This had previously been asked, but as “Was Jamie Lee Curtis born female?” Which leads to the inevitable…



Q. Was Jamie Lee Curtis a hermaphrodite?



So, if JLC wins Best Supporting Hermaphrodite on Oscar night, Spielberg wins Best Director and Colin Farrell wins Best Actor, there’ll at very least be a trio of deceased winners giving their thanks on the podium.



Q. Are the following hermaphrodites?


Cameron Diaz – Yes

Nicole Kidman – Yes

Tom Cruise – No

Brad Pitt – No

Sandra Bullock – Yes

Dolly Parton – Yes

Jennifer Aniston – Yes

Demi Moore – Yes

Marlene Dietrich – Yes

Grace Kelly – Yes

Bill Gates – No

Kate (Middleton) – No

Meghan – Yes

Queen Victoria – No

The above were all asked about previously, whereby the only ones who weren’t confirmed as other than their officially published gender were Kate and Queen Victoria.



Q. Is Bradley Cooper still alive?



Bradley Cooper is dead. Bradley was a hermaphrodite.



Q. Is Ellen DeGeneres still alive?



Ellen DeGeneres is dead. Ellen was a hermaphrodite.

Like Tom Hanks, Ellen’s mortal status is assumed to be a no-brainer, but I thought it was worth checking.



Q. Was Jean Harlow a hermaphrodite? 



This possibly seems a bit random, but I saw Jean in a movie and was struck by her resemblance to Eddie Izzard.



Q. Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?



Well, she admitted as much, so that one’s certainly no surprise.

I don’t believe I asked if she was still alive, probably because I assumed it was one of those no-brainers.



Q. Is the Tom Hanks we are seeing his brother?



Again, this is commonly assumed, and it’s been said twins/siblings are often picked for celeb status due to their inherent replaceability. Still, with the proliferation of clones everywhere, it seemed like it was worth clarifying. 



Q. Is Alec Baldwin still alive?





Q. Is Meryl Streep still alive?





Q. Is Ewan McGregor still alive?





Q. Is Eddie Murphy still alive? 



Eddie is a White Hat.



Q. Is Joaquin Phoenix still alive?



Joaquin was a Black Hat.



Q. Was River Phoenix born female?



River wasn’t a hermaphrodite, however. 



Q. Was the original Paul McCartney replaced during the 1960s? 



The original Paul died.

No surprise there, since Faul is one of the most popular conspiracy theories.



Q. Is the replacement Paul McCartney still alive?



Faul is dead.



Q. Is Colin Farrell still alive?



Colin is dead. We’re seeing a clone.



Q. Is Ryan Gosling still alive?



Ryan is plea bargaining.

This is interesting, in that he’s one of the most commonly brandished examples of the black-eye gang, so one might reasonably assume he’d been Vril’d (anyone Vril’d is no longer with us).



Q. Is Paul Rudd still alive?



Paul is a White Hat.

I asked this one mainly because I saw someone posting a clip where Ryan Reynolds (White Hat) joshed that Paul remained so youthful because he sold his soul (or something along those lines). Not wholly unreasonably, this was considered proof of their mutual Black Hat status (as opposed to Reynolds’ sense of humour).



Q. Is Robert Pattinson still alive?



Robert is a White Hat.



Q. Is Chadwick Boseman still alive?





Q. Did Lisa Marie Presley really die?



Lisa Marie is still alive.



Q. Was Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest real?





Q. Is John Cleese still alive?



John is a White Hat. He has not been Vril’d (again, there are black-eye photos out there).



Q. Is Adam Sandler still alive?



Sandler is a White Hat. He has not been Vril’d (once more with black-eye photos).



Q. Is the Quentin Tarantino doing podcasts an AI programme?


No. (The original Tarantino is dead.)

There is a Tarantino double. There is also a Tarantino clone (used for the podcasts).



Q. Is Terry Gilliam still alive?



Terry is a White Hat.



Q. Is Damien Chazelle a White Hat? 



I suggested First Moon didn’t seem like a movie entirely convinced the Moon landings were real at the time. And now you have Babylon, a chronicle of Hollywood’s depraved origins.



Q. Is George Lucas a White Hat?



George is a former Black Hat.



Q. Is John Carpenter a White Hat?





Q. Is Robert Zemeckis a White Hat?



Bob’s always been a White Hat.



Q. Is Joe Dante a White Hat?



Joe was a Black Hat. He’s dead.

That one stings a bit, as Dante was one of my favourite directors during the ’80s. He was a Spielberg associate, of course, and Donald Marshall attested that the Gremlins were inspired by the Vril.



Q. Was Sean Connery a Black Hat? 



Connery was not Vril’d. 



Q. Is the original Michael Caine still alive?



Michael was a Black Hat. He was Vril’d. He was a White Hat before he was Vril’d.



Q. Was Howard Hughes a White Hat? 



This question was inspired by something Gene Decode said, to the effect that Hughes had devised a plan with the Trump family.

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