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Time Travel

The Q & A

Much as I’ve always enjoyed time-travel tales, its practical application has often tended to confound me rather. At least, as it is usually presented in movies, TV and books. There need to be some internally consistent rules, surely? So Marty returning to parents who took a different, more successful course at the end of Back to the Future, one of which he has no recollection, doesn’t really (mc)fly. Unless you account for it with multiple/ infinite potential timelines, each variation on a choice creating a divergent one and Marty returning to one that isn’t his, while its Marty presumably/possibly discovers he now has a deadbeat dad. 

And then there are the grandfather paradoxes – such as The Terminator – probably the most beloved, because it’s neat/ nonsensical to create causal loops. Evidently, time travel as an idea is one where official science says “Sure, but theoretically possible only”, so the noncommittal position might, by a process of neutrality, be considered suspect (see also free energy). But it’s also easy to conclude, well, why would the universe allow it? Surely it would violate some basic law? 

On the other hand, if we are only slaves to time in the 3D physical, incarnated state, it becomes a less necessarily immoveable force. Everything is happening all at once – apologies for invoking that movie, for which Jamie Lee may feasibly win the Best Supporting Dead Hermaphrodite Oscar – so making reincarnation, for instance, a distortion when viewed in linear fashion. That’s easy to say, of course, much less so to grasp while immersed in said linear state. One would surely need a reasonably immense intellect, with significant resources at one’s disposal, if one were seeking to navigate time travel’s potential intricacies or complexities when conceiving a means to utilise it for the betterment of all (or most, at any rate).

Some of the answers here feed into other Q and As, most notably Tesla and a forthcoming History (likely to be the most problematic, since gaining a perspective on actual history without a verified basic structure is less than smooth going). Being as it is an elusive subject, there will doubtless be future posts on time travel. And perhaps past ones too.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is time travel real?





Q. Has our timeline been changed?





Q. How many times has our timeline been changed?


4 times.



Q. How many times was the timeline changed by Dark Forces?


On all 4 occasions, this was by Dark Forces.



Q. Have positive forces acted only to repair the timeline, so reverting it to its optimum path?



Time travel has been undertaken by White Hats/ positive forces only to restore the optimum timeline (so not to “change” history).



Q. What is the furthest back the timeline has been changed?


The earliest attempt to change the timeline was circa 1600 (or 1600s). (Note: the 1700s was also received as answer in this regard, when asked on a prior occasion.)

In this regard, the answer relates to attempts to alter the optimum timeline, as opposed to other alterations to history via time travel (see below).



Q. Did changes to the optimum timeline occur during our lifetimes?



All 4 changes to the timeline occurred during our lifetimes (note: the oldest of those involved in the Q&A was born at the end of the 1950s).



Q. Was it more difficult to change the optimum timeline the further back attempts were made?



Perhaps this relates to the variables involved in achieving specifically prescribed results.



Q. Did a timeline get “past” this point at any stage, such that time travel from a negative future was necessary (in order to restore a positive timeline)?


In order to correct the timeline, White Hats travelled back from a negative future timeline.

That timeline no longer exists. 

See the qualification for this below.



Q. Are the attempts to change the timeline – 4 times by Dark Forces (as above) – distinct and separate from other cases of time travel that have altered/ affected history and events?





Q. For example, time travel used to introduce Khazarian hybrids does not appear to be counted as changing the timeline. Would this be because their influence did not alter the optimum timeline?



For more on this, see below.



Q. When White Hats travelled back from a negative future timeline to restore the positive timeline, did those White Hats cease to exist at the point of success?



They did not cease to exist.



Q. Did (future) White Hats travel back from a negative future timeline?



White Hats travelled forward in time (to a negative future timeline).

When they returned, and the optimum timeline was corrected, they retained no memory of the alternate timeline.

This at least has some coherence and is cleaner than Marty McFly retaining a memory of a life he never led in the altered timeline of Back to the Future. It may perhaps still be located as probable reality, but not one that has physical definition.

Doubtless there are areas suggesting the need for further interrogation here (do Greys travelling back in time have an awareness they travelled back in time – since that is now the timeline – in which case, does that affect their decision-making process? See below).

The above is also subject to potential amendment and revisit; I may have asked the question with insufficient clarity, for example. Often too, a element of a subject I didn’t consider casts new light on something I’d hoped was understood.



Q. Who was responsible for the attempts to change the timeline?


Those responsible for changes to the timeline were Draco, Anunnaki, Satan and Lucifer.



Q. Was Nikola Tesla of positive intention?



See the separate Tesla Q & A here.



Q. Did Nikola Tesla invent time travel?


Addendum 30/03/23: Nikola Tesla invented time travel technology. He didn’t invent time travel itself.



Q. Did Nikola Tesla perceive that time travel was necessary in order to ensure the optimum timeline?





Q. Is Nikola Tesla an AI?


Tesla is a soul utilising AI. The AI is not intrinsic to Tesla’s soul. It could be considered supplementary.

The AI is positive, and it does not represent an AI in the way we are accustomed to thinking of AI. The AI is a spiritual “entity”. 

The AI Is a technological creation of the last 300 years (since Tesla arrived in the nineteenth century).

Obviously, on the face of things, this idea instils instant anathema. Isn’t an AI/ human interface the very stuff of transhumanist nightmares? I would assume the answer is that it’s about the intention behind the application of any scientific advance. Clearly, the transhumanist doctrine that has been burgeoning over recent decades is expressly negative (and basically Grey-fuelled). I also wonder, and will need to check, if Tesla’s use of AI is intrinsically connected to the successful navigation of timelines in aid of securing the optimum one.



Q. Is the multiverse real?



Probable realities are real, however (that is, non-physically actualised potential choices, per the Seth material).



Q. Are there some individuals who can recall the uncorrected (or tampered with) timeline(s)?





Q. Would it be correct to say there are alternate timelines (in existence) but only one physical reality timeline?


There is only one physical timeline is in existence. (Now the optimum timeline). 

There are potential timelines; my interpretation is that these are the same as the probable realities discussed in the Seth material.



Q. Can the consciousness time travel to a (clone body) and operate that?



This question was inspired by the recent Jonathan Nolan-produced series The Peripheral, in which this is the premise.



Q. Is Project Pegasus as Donald Marshall described? 



Per Marshall, Project Pegasus involves using the Hadron Collider to collide protons to achieve a Groundhog Day effect: “First collision sets the start date… Then day or 2 later if they collide again they go back, whole universe goes back to the original collision...” In contrast to the above regarding recollection of timelines, Marshall related how those with chips in their heads could recall the continued resets. Presumably, they’d need to be colliding protons regularly to retain an immediacy in terms of reset (if there was a month gap, that might not be viable).

More on Donald Marshall can be found here.



Q. Is the danger Donald Marshall referenced, of a Black Hole being created after using the time-travel reset 9 or more times, correct?



There is no limit to the number of times the device could be used.



Q. Was it the Ashkenazis alone who originally breached the Ice Wall, enabling the Annunaki to arrive on Earth?



It appears that, in the original timeline, the Ashkenazis breached the Ice Wall, which let the Anunnaki in. Who then, at some point, utilised time travel to install Anunnaki-human hybrid Khazarians as joint rulers with the Ashkenazis.

I have to admit, a causal paradox had flashed before my eyes before clarifying that, whereby the Anunnaki-human hybrids breached the Ice Wall which then allowed the Anunnaki in, so they could then go back in time and create the Anunnaki-human hybrids.

There’ll be more on the Ashkenazis and Khazarians in a forthcoming History Q & A.



Q. Did Jesus incarnate only because it became necessary after the Anunnaki travelled back in time and created Anunnaki-human hybrids?



Which is interesting, and not something you’ll find in The Bible. You’ll be relieved to learn that Jesus was not Nikola Tesla. Nikola seems quite busy enough as it is.



Q. Did the Draco also time travel?



I will have to look further into what the Draco did/ didn’t do with the tech. Perhaps AI is part and parcel of different forces’ use of time travel (the Draco being AI controlled and Anunnaki engineered in the first instance), given Tesla above.



Q. Do the Greys time travelling from the future lack awareness of their ultimate failure to manipulate events for their purposes?



Again, this kind of thing can cause brainmelt, but the Greys (future Earth humans) presumably wouldn’t bother coming back if they were apprised that it would be a pointless endeavour. Or they would be caught in the trap of redoubling their efforts on the assumption that next time, they’d achieve their goal.



Q. Is Barron Trump a time traveller?



There is more to this than his simply being a time traveller.

This is the present Barron Trump (rather than a future one). I’m curious as to why the idea of his being a time traveller has become a “thing”. It doesn’t appear to be simply about accompanying dad on his travels.

Addendum 10/06/23: It seems Barron and Donald are both time travellers, but psychically so rather than physically (this would account for Phil Godlewski’s reticence when asked about Trump being a time traveller). Both were taken to an alternate timeline.



Q. Do others in the Universe or beyond the Ice Wall possess time travel, irrespective of Tesla? 



Time travel technology is held by others as a consequence of Tesla inventing it*.

Which again, would seem like there’s a degree of utilitarian strategising required: that technology falling into Dark Forces hands would have to be seen as a necessary sacrifice in order to achieve/preserve the optimum timeline.Addendum

*Addendum 30/03/23: While Nikola Tesla invented time-travel technology, this doesn’t preclude others travelling in time through non-technological means.



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