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Starseeds, Walk-ins & NPCs

The Q & A

The extra-terrestrial hypothesis might, from a certain perspective, be viewed as something of a misnomer. In that, if all life of human or higher intelligence did indeed originate in the realm beyond the Ice Wall, before eventually making myriad garden spots of the Universe home, that would mean everyone out there is, to some extent, an émigré. Evidently, however, there’s a statute of limitations on such definitions, albeit probably more in the range of hundreds of millennia than generational. The starseed concept fits into this in respect of those souls of ET origin who, it is claimed, have incarnated on Earth, generally with the express intent of aiding humanity. The degree to which such sojourns take place is the focus of this Q & A, in tandem with several subjects that appear to bear a close correlation.

The walk-in concept is also a popular one in alternative circles, with many and varied takes of the hows, whens and wheres, if at all, of its occurrence. Dolores Cannon, something of a first port of call for many when it comes to New Age matters, held that it most certainly was a “thing”, while Michael Newton, probably the biggest name in past-life regression, scoffed at the notion. My take was that, if it occurred, it probably did so rarely, owing to the symbiotic relationship between soul and body. It seemed unlikely that souls could simply mix and match, particularly if the body was fundamentally informed/ shaped by the inhabiting soul from the outset.

In walk-in cases, the soul vacates the body at the point of some traumatic or crisis point and another takes its place. Under such circumstances, the change that has taken place in the individual may or may not be noticed by others, and the individual may be immediately aware something is different or gradually become conscious of a fundamental shift. 

It’s an idea with a long history, albeit popularised by Ruth Montgomery in her book Strangers Among Us! (1979), there mostly concerning NDEs. Various films have broached the walk-in in one form or another over the years (Here Comes Mr Jordan, K-PAX). There doesn’t appear to be an age-range limit (which may, in part, account for Indigo Children), but there does seem to be commonly voiced specific purpose in adult cases (be it teaching or healing). This may simply reflect those who are conscious of their revised status and so are talking about it, however.

Taking his cues from Newton, Andy Tomlinson broached a range of topics with 10 “interlife” hypnosis subjects in Ian Lawton’s book The Wisdom of the Soul (2007). They were asked whether walk-ins happen (Lawton characterises the scenario as one where the soul takes the other’s place “so as not to waste the opportunities presented by that body”). The subjects were “unanimous that walk-ins do not take place”, essentially for the reason I assumed it was unlikely. In detail, however, Lawton admits his subjects are less “unanimous”, suggesting instead that it would be “unlikely and difficult”, “it rarely occurs” and “it is possible, but it would be very difficult”. It may be that the phenomenon has increased significantly since Lawton’s book, but it could also be the case that this information was not within its subjects’ purview, for whatever reason.

These two concepts cross over with each other in that, it seems, a high proportion of starseeds are walk-ins. And then you have NPCs, a term I struggle with because it is, by its nature, reductive. In a computer (or role-playing) game, the NPC, non-player character, traditionally lacks autonomy and freewill. Consequently, applying it to bona-fide people in the real world – and more particularly, for the purposes of the Q & A, when applied by those in the alternative sphere, where it has frequently been used to suggest individuals without a soul – seems at very least problematic, lending a sense of the expendable and of limited value. Where thinking along those lines is encouraged, it invites a creeping insinuation of elitism. Nevertheless, it’s a term that does, it seems, have some validity.

The starseed conversation developed from considering ETs and Pleiadeans generally. I’ll start there, as it seems they’re in the significant majority as far as starseed numbers are concerned. 

Some of the material here can be found in earlier Q and As. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Are there both positive and negative Pleiadeans?



There are positive Pleiadeans and negative Pleiadeans, but the negative ones do not represent a “faction”. A more germane comparison would be the way there are positive humans and negative humans.



Q. Are Pleiadeans in 5D consciousness but 3D physical form?


Pleiadeans are all in 5D consciousness. Some are in physical (3D) form and some are not in physical form.

Addendum 02/05/23: Pleiadeans who are in 5D and physically incarnated are in a 5D physical body. You’ll have to excuse me, as I do seem to have a bit of trouble sorting my Ds and their properties (I shall sit in the corner of the room wearing a D cap).



Q. Do Pleiadeans all come from one place originally?


Yes (but they are in many places in the Universe). 

That one place would, presumably, be the realm beyond the Ice Wall (albeit, they wouldn’t have been Pleiadeans back then…)



Q. Are starseeds real?





Q. What percentage of humans on Earth are starseeds?



*Addendum 09/07/24: This piece appears to indicate the figure is considerably higher.



Q. Do all starseeds come from Pleiades?



Approximately 75% of starseeds are Pleiadeans.



Q. What percentage of starseeds are walk-ins?





Q. What percentage of the population generally are walk-ins?



Which makes it more common than most discussion of the subject would suggest. It may be, as alluded above, that the numbers have been increasing significantly over the past decade or so. 

Walk-ins are pre-arranged (it is agreed in advance that this will take place as part of the experience of both the outgoing and incoming souls).



Q. What percentage of Pleiadean starseeds on Earth are incarnated in Atlantis?


85-90% of starseeds are incarnated in Atlantis. 

10-15% of starseeds are incarnated on the known Earth.

As above, 75% of starseeds are Pleiadean. This would give approximately 41.25m Pleiadean starseeds (taking the Earth’s population as approximately 5.5bn, rather than the 7.9bn we have been led to believe).

Of these 41.25m, 10-15% of starseeds incarnated on the known Earth would be 4.13m to 6.2m.

85-90% of starseeds incarnated in Atlantis would be 35.1m to 37.2m.

Note: I will need to check the proportion in Lemuria, but Atlantis does seem to be particularly Pleiadean in aspect.



Q. What percentage of the 25% of non-Pleiadean starseeds are incarnated on the known Earth?



This would suggest 22-23% of starseeds who are not Pleiadean are incarnated in Atlantis or Lemuria.

25% non-Pleiadean starseeds would give approximately 13.75m.

Of these, 2-3% of starseeds incarnated on the known Earth would be 0.28m to 0.41m.

22-23% of starseeds incarnated in Atlantis or Lemuria would be 13.3m to 13.45m.

If approximately 10% of the Earth’s population (550m) live in Atlantis and Lemuria, this would mean approximately 9% of them are starseeds (between 48.4m and 50.6m).



Q. How many starseeds who are not walk-ins are incarnated on the known Earth (so not Atlantis/ Lemuria)?



This figure seemed surprisingly low.



Q. Is a starseed spending an entire life incarnated as a human on Earth not generally favoured? 





Q. Is a starseed spending an entire life incarnated as a human on Earth considered potentially too distracting from purpose?





Q. Did Dark Forces have means to detect who was a starseed?



Nevertheless, it’s fair to conjecture that being a high-profile starseed probably wasn’t high on the list of desired experience options, given one would more than likely have been subjected to standard Elite procedures to ensure cooperation (David Icke being sighted by Donald Marshall in the cloning centres, for example).



Q. Are NPCs real?





Q. Do NPCs have no soul?



In this regard, my understanding is there are very few soulless humans, in the range of 1 in 9-10m.



Q. Are all humans who are not starseeds NPCs?



In an attempt to pin this down, I queried a list of characteristics from this piece by Layla Oresme on NPCs (the following four questions):




Q. Is a reason for humans being NPCs that they are disconnected from their Soul, unable to find their purpose and meaning in life?





Q. Is a reason for humans being NPCs that they are a prisoner to their own programming?





Q. Is a reason for humans being NPCs that they are completely ruled by their body-mind-feelings, have no inner voice, or intuition and are unable to take any guidance to orient themselves in the world?



This question perhaps merited breaking down into its individual parts, but the inner-voice criterion always struck me as somewhat suspect. While I’m sure there are those without an inner voice, I’m doubtful of it as a prevailing NPC characteristic.



Q. Is a reason for humans being NPCs that they lack self-knowledge so need religion along with other structures, rules and regulations to have a framework for their life?





Q. Are there other key factors in defining an NPC?



Experience appears to be one of these, but not age of the soul, per se.

It may also be that something as simple/fundamental as having no experience of 5D is a defining factor of an NPC (this is something I will have to check).



Q. For how many souls on the known Earth is this first incarnation?



I was curious about this, given the experience factor.



Q. Are there still new souls incarnating in the Universe?



Which means, on that basis, we don’t appear to be in a “closed” system of souls cycling around and about.

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