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White Hats III: White Hats Happenings

The Q & A

2022 bids adieu and 2023 dawns all-new. But whither the White Hats? Why hasn’t something happened yet? Questions had previously yielded mid-December as the deadline set for an announcement on worldwide corruption; obviously, that deadline whistled breezily by. This time, I’ve attempted clarification in terms of establishing more immoveable parameters, as opposed to those subject to change. The answer it seems, is that the announcement remains imminent.

There are a few questions here relating to White Hats/ individuals in the truther community liable to stir up as much animus as they do devoted followings. While I tend to avoid hanging on such figures’ words for a number of reasons, I do usually check them out if a particular interview or podcast is suggested to me. 

That line of inquiry lent itself to several questions that aren’t strictly germane to the title of this Q & A, but are nevertheless interesting in terms of contribution to the sum total of our understanding of where we are right now.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Was there a genuine intention to make an announcement in respect of worldwide corruption by mid-December?





Q. Is the announcement’s timing based on the level of public awareness/ awake-ness reached in respect of the issues of concern?



Optimum timelines came up again in terms of making an announcement.



Q. Is there a deadline by which White Hats have determined they absolutely have to make a global corruption announcement? One set in stone?


Yes. This is imminent.

The announcement will come first, with the EBS within a week of this.



Q. Was Phil Godlewski correct when he referenced a pathogen discovered by the White Hats that needed dealing with, which caused delays to the announcement?



It seems this was not a virus (to be fair to Phil, he has expressed doubt on the existence of viruses). Rather, it was a genetically modified organism the Dark Forces intended to introduce into the water supply as a last line of defence. It would not have been a “planet killer”, but it would have killed a lot of people.

This was discovered during clean-up operations of the DUMBs. While the discovery did indeed cause a delay in making the announcement, this was related to the October timeframe, rather than plans since then.

With regard to Phil G, I’ll admit I’ve been sceptical of him, more on the basis of personality than necessarily anything touted regarding his personal life. It seems, however, that his sources are legitimate, and that he is being given and is relating genuine intel.



Q. Is Nikola Tesla inhabiting an Elon Musk clone only some of the time?



Only sometimes. He is not responsible for everything going out under the name Elon Musk.

This probably comes across as a “Like, duh”, question. There’s no need or reason to assume everything communicated to us by “Elon Musk” on Twitter is coming from one person.



Q. From how far in the past did Nikola Tesla travel from to his known/established time period?


900 years.

We’ve identified that Tesla is a time traveller and an Atlantean (and a Pleiadean starseed). It appears that his “home” time is approximately a millennium ago. There’s (much) more to be gleaned on this, hopefully becoming clear (or less unclear) when broaching the subject of time travel in a future Q & A.

Notably, Gene Decode suggested Tesla was living in our present during a recent interview.



Q. Is the Quentin Tarantino doing podcasts an AI programme?



There is a Tarantino double. There is also a Tarantino clone (used for the podcasts).

It would appear that the clone, which presumably has a Tarantino consciousness chip implanted (a recording of his consciousness on a microchip, per Donald Marshall), is activated for these podcasts. Obviously, it’s going to have certain parameters defined, such that it won’t go off message and announce itself as a clone.

I’ve wondered somewhat that all these deceased celebs seem to have a higher profile since expiring than they did while in the land of the living. My guess would be that, while part of it is “business as usual”, it’s also to the ultimate end of revealing just how easy it is to maintain the illusion: “Look how active dead Tom and Tom and Brad and Quentin and Elton (on tour!) etc were! And you believed it!”



Q. Was Donald Trump once seen as a legitimated contender for the presidency by the Black Hats?



This goes hand in hand with the idea of long-game subterfuge in order to avoid alerting Dark Forces to true intent. This could be why, per predictive programming, The Simpsons was naming Trump as a former President in the 2000 episode Bart to the Future.



Q. Is Corey Goode’s testimony genuine?



Corey believes what he is saying. His account is 70-80 percent accurate. His information regarding outer space is part of the 20-30 percent inaccurate information. His “admittance” that he made up/invented his experiences is a tactic and does not mean that he is a con artist.

Corey Goode’s take on SSP (secret space programme), 20 and Back, Blue Avians etc was chaperoned to wider attention by David Wilcock. I was sceptical about the material, mostly because there’s a degree to which anything from anyone claiming to be/ have been part of deep-state programmes invites some degree of doubt. It isn’t simply a question of trusting the individual’s intention; it’s also down to whether their perception and recollection of the truth can be trusted (MKUltra et al).



Q. Are the Law of One channellings of positive intent?



This goes rather neatly with Corey, since David Wilcock has obviously been big on both of them (not to mention himself). And, it seems, is a White Hat (Donald Marshall was less convinced, saying said he saw Wilcock at the Cloning Centres, where he also saw David Icke and Donald Trump there. Who are also both White Hats).

The Ra Material, teaching the Law of One, was channelled by Carla L Rueckert in collaboration with Jim McCarty and Don Elkins and ran the gamut of spiritual, universal and historical information. As with Corey, however, it seems the information presented is not entirely accurate.



Q. Is the Seth Material of positive intent?



I’m much less familiar with Jane Roberts’ Seth Material than the Law of One, but I was curious about it, since it’s cited as an influence on The Dark Crystal (in turn cited as used to present a positive image of the rodentia gigantus/ “Nephilim” encountered by Donald Marshall). I can’t say I see much of Seth in the movie, to be honest.



Q. How accurate is the Seth Material?


90-95 percent accurate.



Q. Is the Seth Material correct in respect of Lumanians?



The Lumanians left Earth thousands of years ago. Per Seth, they were one of three civilisations that existed on Earth long before Atlantis. As far as I’m aware, they’re only/ first mentioned in the Seth Material. The Lumanians rejected war and violence – through limiting/altering their free will – invented artificial foods so they wouldn’t have to kill animals to eat – and became weak due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise – and possessed advanced scientific and psychic/telepathic abilities. They also lived largely underground:

They formed energy fields around their own civilization. They were, therefore, isolated from contact with other groups. They did not allow technology to destroy them, however. More and more of them realized that the experiment was not a success. Some, after physical death, left to join those from the previous successful civilisation, who had migrated to other planetary systems within the physical structure. Large groups, however, simply left their cities, destroyed the force fields that had enclosed them, and joined the many groups of relatively uncivilised peoples, mating with them and bearing children. These Lumanians died quickly, for they could not bear violence nor react to it violently. They felt however, that their mutant children might have a resulting disinclination toward violence, but without the prohibiting nerve-control reactions with which they were endowed. Physically the civilisation simply died out.

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