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White Hats II

The Q & A

It’s been almost a month since I posted the first White Hats Q & A, and obviously, the imminent announcement has not yet happened. Not yet. But guess what…? Nothing very lengthy here, then, but there are a few interesting nuggets, including one you’d have to be stark staring to believe. But hey, why not? A question is also included that doesn’t specifically carry current currency, but it goes to illustrate that quantifying a White Hat isn’t necessarily so much about looking into the heart; it may, in some circumstances, more accurately be an “enemy of my enemy” qualification.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. How many delays in the global announcement regarding corruption were there in November 2022?





Q. Do the White Hats have a deadline by which they have decided they must make the global announcement regarding corruption?



I won’t repeat the specific timing, for fear of invoking Douglas Adams (“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”). I’ll just say the imminence stands. 



Q. Are there set times for a possible announcement, e.g. based on astrology, optimum timeline or similar?


Astrology: No.

Optimum timeline: Yes.



Q. Are reports of 20m children rescued from the DUMBS accurate?



The podcast can be found here.



Q. Are the reports that many have been taken off world for treatment accurate?





Q. How many of these children were cloned?


A fifth.


This question derives from the Donald Marshall’s information, which suggested many of the children in DUMBS were clones.



Q. Are the reports that 2m Black Hats have been arrested accurate?





Q. Are the reports that 2m more Black Hats were killed fighting back accurate?





Q. Have all droned/vrill’d/chip-heads been rounded up?




Again, this question was suggested from reviewing the Donald Marshall information. A Q & A in respect of Marshall’s reported experiences will be posted soon.



Q. Are there still negative vaccines in circulation?


White Hats are in control of vaccines. All new batches of vaccines and boosters released into the system are positive/have no negative side effects. However, there are still negative vaccines, boosters etc in circulation. 

(This is repeating an addendum to the Vaccines Q & A.)



Q. Is SGAnon in the loop on the timing of White Hat operations?


Yes. However, he is being given disinformation.

I was curious about SG, as his timing for announcements and disclosure etc seems to be stretching off into the distance, months and even further. Which inspired, for example, Kerry Cassidy to blow a gasket. It would be a surprise, frankly, if any Truther with legitimate sources wasn’t being given at-minimum partial disinformation.



Q. Is super soldier James Rink delivering misinformation?



I dipped into Rink’s testimony the other day, following a link, and much of it rang alarm bells. This would be classified as misinformation, however; Rink believes what he is saying is real, doubtless part and parcel of MKUltra programming.



Q. What was Nikola Tesla’s original time period?


Tesla came from Atlantis to the nineteenth century.

With regard to the suppression of his inventions, he knew how the situation would play out.

Tesla is currently living in the 2022. 

He came here in his 50s (this would be from at some point between 1906-16, although that would be assuming he spent all his time in that time when he wasn’t here. 

And what is Nikola doing here? He’s inhabiting one Elon Musk, of course (as previously established, the Elon we’re seeing at the moment is not the original Elon). Which means, if his tweets are any indication, Nikola Tesla is very funny guy.

As background to this – to be explored further in a dedicated Time Travel Q & A, it came up that the period we know Tesla for was not his original time. I wasn’t expecting that, nor was I expecting – I mean, who would? – where it would end up (above). Except that, evidently, it hasn’t yet. Or rather, it will, eventually. End up. In 1943, for him. But that’s later. And before.



Q. Was Adolf Hitler a White Hat?





Q. Was this in relation to Hitler’s opposition to Black Hats rather than in terms of his being a good person?


Hitler wasn’t a “nice” guy; he was a psychopath. However, on the basis of that specific criterion, he was also a White Hat. A current example of this kind of general disposition would be one Vladimir Putin.

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