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The Draco, the Vril & the Black Goo

The Q & A

The account of a malign reptilian influence on humanity has gone through various permutations over the decades, much of it synonymous with David Icke. Indeed, while there are various literary, film and TV antecedents (from Robert E Howard to, most famously, V), the suggestion of their actual oversight appears to start (or be first revealed) with Icke. 

V gives us reptilians disguised as humans, but they’re front-and-centre new arrivals to the planet. Doctor Who earlier offered the Silurians – living deep underground, but natives of Earth, here before us, so we only have squatters’ rights at best. A bit like a more benign version of the background Donald Marshall was given on the Vril – and Draconians – not much name finessing there – a noble warrior race at war with humans. Enemy Mine, released the year after V first aired, offered the also-at-war Drac, also sympathetic. V would only give us Robert Englund on the likeable Visitors front, soon to be better known as Freddy Krueger. 

Icke first presented the Alpha Draconians/Draco theory in 1998’s The Biggest Secret, and I recall a conversation on Icke with a friend a few years later – one of the few where broaching his name didn’t instantly elicit derision – where I expressed doubts about it for the reason many cite; it was almost as if it seemed expressly designed to attract and fuel mockery of the conspirasphere, and while I could relate to many of Icke’s ideas and themes, I had reservations on that one (she, to her credit, was less cautious). 

Icke as a limited hangout is, of course, a popular conclusion of many who fancy themselves more in the know than mere casual conspiracy buff (that, along with an inverted son). It isn’t, to be fair an unreasonable conclusion, given some of the theories he has endorsed, and others he’s given a wide berth. As we have seen, and will see further, while Icke may be classed as a White Hat, he was compromised in what he could and couldn’t say, like pretty much anyone of visible profile/ public stature, by interests of self-preservation. 

Accordingly, David seemed to be able to tap that certain insight (reptilians) very precisely, yet omit various other fairly fundamental levels from his sphere of awareness (for example earth shape, the NASA-designated universe). He’d also, heavily Sitchin’d, assert the Anunnaki, whom he’d mix and match as reptilians, were ETs (no ice walls in David’s dojo). 

Also, per David, we’re all in a simulation (key propaganda on the part of the transhumanist doctrine, along with demiurgic levering), while taking the likes of the Nag Hammadi at face value (obviously, such assumptions are common, but one might reasonably assume a guy with elevated spiritual faculties would be able to cut through the veils to get to the core truths, rather than perpetuating the illusion. Most likely, he’s aware of that core). Many quite legitimately cite Icke as beginning their journey of discovery; the key would be, in terms of requiring him to adulterate his message, to ensure he sent you down the wrong eventual rabbit hole.

This isn’t intended to be “All about David”, or particularly to call him out, but there’s no ignoring him as the gateway to this subject. Icke is caught using official (or semi-official) historic accounts as his source, citing the likes of Chitauri and Mayans (“I have been saying for many years that reptilian entities were behind the building of the pyramids across the world…”) You’ll find he’s soft-pedalled the royal family/ politicians connection in recent years, a bit like refusing to play that greatest hit everyone wants to hear. Come The Perception Deception (there’s about 5 pages on royals as reptiles there, out of 900; notably, it’s Di testifying to their status, and Arizona Wilder), Icke is telling us the Greys and Reptilians are “robot-type beings” utilised by non-corporeal Archons to “overcome their inability to stay in our reality for long”. But yeah, besides all that obfuscation, there was a kernel there. Right? Shapeshifting. Royal family members. Secret bases deep underground. Right?

Icke tells that Christine Fitzgerald was told by Diana that the Queen Mother and Philip were the real power behind the throne, which is interesting, given the Politicians and Royals Q & A (although, they’re hybrids, per Icke).

Similarly to the Reptilians, there’s the genesis of the black goo, which first seems to have gained currency under the guise of black oil with The X-Files, a substance that arrived on Earth with/ is (in another form) aliens. We’ve since seen it in Prometheus (Anunnaki present it as a “virulent mutagenic pathogen”, both the stuff of life and its adversary) and Westworld (an inimical parasite taking over humans). Probably not related to the viscous material allegedly found on Egyptian coffins. As for the Vril, awareness of their presence/ use derives largely from Donald Marshall’s testimony; this will be covered in a separate post.

As background, Draco had already been confirmed in answers as real, as ETs, and having a presence on Earth, underground.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.

Addendum 4/12/23: See Dark Forces III for an updated perspective in respect of universal logistics.



Q. Who do Draco most resemble (a list of reptilians/ reptile aliens from films was given)?


The 1980s V’s aliens.

The list included the reptile creatures from Enemy Mine, Last Starfighter, Jupiter Ascending, the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, Super Mario Bros, Galaxy Quest and various from Star Trek).



Q. Are the Draco still present on Earth?



Draco reptilians were here until December 2021. 



Q. When did the Draco come to Earth?


Draco were on Earth from approximately 190 years prior to the 1700 event.

Draco were not actively influencing Earth at this point. They were underground, observing.



Q. Did the Draco come from beyond the Ice Wall?


No. They arrived here directly.



Q. Did they come through portals?





Q. Who held the balance of control of Earth (until the White Hats defeated them)? Anunnaki or Draco? Or a joint effort?


The Draco. Formerly, the Anunnaki were in control.

The Draco took over during 1860s-1870s.



Q. Are there positive Draco?



Draco are all negative energetically. In predominant characteristic, they could be described as bullies.



Q. Is the reptilian form inherently negative? 



Incarnation in this form represented a challenge against these constraints (in the Draco’s case, it failed).



Q. Can/ have humans incarnated as Draco?





Q. Do the Draco worship Satan or Lucifer?





Q. Can Reptilians/ Draco shapeshift?





Q. Can reptilian hybrids shapeshift?





Q. How many Draco were there on Earth at their peak?





Q. How many Draco-human hybrids were there at their peak?


There were 160 reptilian hybrids (at peak).

They comprised royal families. 

They were not members of government.

The Rothschilds were not reptilian hybrids. They were Anunnaki hybrids.

For more on Draco-royals, see the Politicians & Royals Q & A.



Q. Is naming the military standard of the Roman cavalry “Draco” significant?





Q. Is what we call black goo from beyond the Ice Wall?





Q. Is the black goo from Earth?





Q. Is the black goo from what we’d call another planet?





Q. Was the black goo brought here by the Draco?



Addendum 02/02/23: Further questions were asked around this subsequently, on one occasion the response suggesting it was the Anunnaki. However, it appears it was indeed the Draco.



Q. Is the black goo naturally occurring?



Addendum 02/02/23: While the Black Goo was originally a naturally occurring parasite, it has been genetically altered/ engineered by AI (with nanites, as per Corey Goode).



Q. Is the black goo a parasite?





Q. Can the black goo possess an individual?


Yes (as can Vril).

Black goo was one of the ingredients in the Coof vaccine (see The Vaccine Q & A).



Q. Does the black eye (seen on celebrities and politicians) relate to adrenochrome use? 





Q. Does the black eye relate to soul scalping? 



Donald Marshall calls the possession of hosts by the Vril (see below) as droning. It is also referred to as soul scalping.



Q. Is this soul scalping performed by the Vril?



The Vril lizard, as detailed by Donald Marshall, is a parasitical creature that takes over its host: “According to Marshall, Vril lizards have a natural proboscis at the top of their head, from which they eject a type of thick cerebrospinal fluid. When this fluid enters the human, usually through the eye and from there, to the brain, a chemical transformation immediately begins to take place. The victim essentially dies, leaving the lizard parasite in complete control of all brain function. After a period of recovery, the Vril host can return to its’ regular activities, looking, acting and seeming completely normal”.



Q. Are the Vril from Earth? 



In Donald Marshall’s account, the Vril were indigenous to Earth, and had been here since prehistoric times. 



Q. Are the Vril from elsewhere in the Universe?





Q. Were the Vril brought to Earth by the Draco?





Q. Are there still Vril on Earth? 





Q. Do Vril possess intelligence?





Q. Are the Vril parasitic in the sense of infecting and taking over the host?





Q. Does the Vril parasite then feed off the intelligence of the host?





Q. Have all droned/vrill’d/chipheads been rounded up?



For details of chipheads, see Part II.

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