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A briefest of smatterings here. As outlined in the White Hats II Q & A, an individual’s White Hat status should not necessarily be taken to mean they are “good” or even, if formerly Black Hats, necessarily overly recalcitrant. And in the case of those who have always been White Hats, one shouldn’t expect their actions necessarily to conform to overt displays of those fighting the good fight. Anyone of any stature in Hollywood would have been attending cloning centres, which means they were, to a great or lesser extent, acting under duress. Apologies, but the greater emphasis here is on movie directors, and ones of some current visibility.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is Jonathan Nolan a White Hat?



Like his higher-profile brother, Jonathan Nolan has always been a White Hat.



Q. Is Robert De Niro alive?





Q. Is David Bowie alive?



Bowie is a Black Hat. He is under arrest.

Obviously, there’s been ample to suggest as much over the years (his Black-Hat-isness), but you still hope otherwise.



Q. Is Quentin Tarantino alive?



My understanding is that the Tarantino we’re seeing is a double, but it would surely take an absolute genius impersonator to do his podcast. So what, an AI programme?



Q. Is David Fincher a Black Hat?



Fincher has never been a Black Hat.

Now, this just goes to show. Of any A-list director outside of the Wachowskis, you’d say Fincher was sticking painstakingly to the appointed script. All that serial-killer fare. 



Q. Is Martin Scorsese a Black Hat?


Scorsese was a Black Hat. He is now a White Hat.

I’m guessing that rules him out as having been High Priest of the Church of Satan. There’s surely no going back from that.



Q. Is Ridley Scott a Black Hat?


Ridders was a Black Hat. He is now a White Hat.

I don’t know if this means he exchanged head apparel in time to tell the true story of Napoleon. 

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