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Atlantis & Lemuria

The Q & A

Atlantis is perhaps the holy grail of lost history. Dismissed by authoritative types as fanciful myth or corralled into decidedly less evocative trappings, such as a more elaborate version of Crete, it remains unbowed and unbeaten, confident of its ability to endure in those altogether more imaginative. Which is not to say they need settle for a fancifully opposite extreme, plumbing for submarine civilisations of Aquamen. Or Patrick Duffy holding his breath.

Perhaps the best source of Atlantean lore, in terms of sustaining the conversation post-the late nineteenth century explosion in all things esoteric and spiritualist, was Edgar Cayce’s readings. The Sleeping Prophet’s account of the civilisation was so coherent and compelling, and consistent, it had to be accurate, right? Regardless of how the details might conflict with the established/official record. This version of Atlantis certainly held my attention, with suggestions of various stages of peaks and then decline and fall towards its eventual demise, of Laws of One and service to self, of enormous beasts running riot, of energy weapons and great crystals & stones and flying craft. All very exotic, and the stuff of inspiration, a glimpse of a just-out-of-reach utopian golden age. Well, before everything went to hell in a handbasket for them, that is. 

Prior to Cayce, we were furnished an account via the suspect rep of Luciferian prophet Madame Helena Blavatsky, popularising her third “root race” of Lemurians (their demise leaving traces in both Easter Island and Australia) and fourth such of Atlanteans (we’re her fifth). One might, were one cynical, see her touting for the business of such mythical civilisations as designed to attract repudiation, drawing a line under any inherent veracity or authenticity.

But still, the idea persists, of one or both societies having been an exemplar of spiritual and even (alt-) technological advancement. Whether by design or coincidence, Atlantis has encountered something of a resurgence in the last few years, even if it’s through the aforementioned subaquatic activities of Jason Momoa, or Namor, depending on your preferred cinematic universe.

Early answers to questions on this subject elicited a degree of confusion, in part due to the assumptions made in the questions themselves (for example, of the former existence of these civilisations). Some more recent answers to questions haven’t so much been confusing as confounding (see the end). There will undoubtedly be follow-up visits to these “lost” civilisations, but this represents the substance of inquiries so far.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.

Addendum 20/05/24: It seems the Atlantis focussed on here is only part of the story. This owes, at least in part, to there being two Atlantises, one within the known Earth and one beyond the second Ice Wall.



Q. Does Atlantis still exist?





Q. Does Lemuria still exist?





Q. Are both Atlantis and Lemuria within the Ice Wall and part of the Earth?





Q. Did Atlantis remain free from control by the Dark Forces when they took control of the Earth?





Q. Did Lemuria remain free from control by the Dark Forces when they took control of the Earth?





Q. Did Atlantis and Lemuria also experience the population reduction (75 percent) the rest of the Earth suffered in the 1700 Event?





Q. Did Atlantis experience flooding?



Parts of Atlantis are underwater.



Q. Did the inundation of parts of Atlantis occur at the time of the 1700 Event? 





Q. Were there earlier inundations of Atlantis?


No, not prior to the 1700 Event.



Q. Were Atlantis and Lemuria in contact with the rest of the Earth prior to the 1700 Event?


Their most recent contact with the rest of humanity was 1,400 years ago.

Their reason for isolating themselves was that they did not wish to be corrupted.



Q. Are Atlantis and Lemuria concealed/ hidden from view from the rest of the world?


They are cloaked from the rest of the world/ humanity. 

The Dark Forces were unaware of their continued existence (and believed the civilisation destroyed; the idea that they were destroyed was the Atlanteans’ themselves).

With regard to this “cloaking”, Atlantis and Lemuria exist physically but in 5D (but see qualification of this below). 

The “cloaking” means they can choose to reveal or not to reveal their presence physically as they carry a different vibration.



Q. If we approached the 5D Atlantean landmass, would we see it?


It is cloaked. We could see it, if they wanted us to see it. 

This is also true of Lemuria.



Q. Are Atlanteans (and Lemurians) actually incarnating physically?





Q. How old is Atlantean civilisation?


Atlantis is approximately 39,000 years old. 



Q. Is Atlantis entirely in 5D?



It can appear physically if it so wishes.



Q. When did Atlantis move to 5D?


Atlantis moved to 5D about 20,000 years ago.



Q. How old is Lemurian civilisation?


Lemuria is younger, approximately 25,000 years old. 



Q. Is Lemuria entirely in 5D?



Some of its people are still in 3D.



Q. Is the Eye of the Sahara connected to Atlantis? 



(See photo below.)



Q. Is the eye of the Sahara an Atlantis outpost or colony? Is it now deserted/ abandoned?


The Eye of the Sahara is a former Atlantis outpost. 

No one is there any longer.



Q. Did the Eye of the Sahara also maintain an existence free from Dark Forces influence?





Q. What percentage of the Earth’s 5.5bn population lives in Lemuria and Atlantis?


90 percent of the 5.5bn are part of the Earth we are told about.

This means less than 500m are part of Atlantis and Lemuria.



Q. Does Atlantis occupy a separate continent or landmass? Does Lemuria?


They both have separate landmasses.



Q. Are there additional continents/ lands/ civilisations on Earth we do not know about besides Atlantis and Lemuria?





Q. Were Edgar Cayce’s readings on Atlantis accurate (or largely accurate)?



Edgar Cayce’s accuracy with regard to Atlantis was approximately 40 percent.

(Cayce’s health readings were approximately 70 percent accurate.)

Further inquiries regarding the Cayce readings, and their agreement with/ divergence from these answers, may be pursued in due course. In terms of Atlantis, though, the most significant differences with answers provided here appear to be those of time period (Cayce has the Earth dating back millions of years, with Atlantis up to 100,000 years old) and fate (Cayce details three destructions).



Q. Were Edgar Cayce’s readings concerning the Law of One in Atlantis and split with service-to-self correct?


The existence of the followers of Law of One in Atlantis is correct.



Q. Were Edgar Cayce’s readings about Atlantis’ use of crystal-based technology correct?





Q. In relation to the Edgar Cayce readings, did Atlanteans have clones/ machines or animals/ labourers? These being the “things” he described, souls that pushed themselves into matter.


“Things” is correct. 

They were treated as labourers.

Per Cayce, the “things” were “the offspring of the sons of God with the daughters of men, or vice versa”. This is further described in terms of “divisions between the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, and the offspring of what was the pure race and those that had projected themselves into creatures that became as the sons of man (as the terminology would be, rather than the creatures of God”. 



Q. Was Edgar Cayce correct that humans (or what would become humans) were not initially separated into male and female?



The background to this was experimentation (with form) rather than evolution. 

Cayce refers to beings at that point as “much rather in the nature of thought forms… than individual entities with personalities as seen in the present” and also a period where there was the “ability of progeneration from activities of self”.     



Q. Are Atlanteans in contact with/ have maintained contact with ETs?


Yes and Yes.



Q. Has there been Anunnaki influence (either positive or negative) on Atlantis?





Q. What is the percentage of Pleiadean starseeds on Earth who are incarnated in Atlantis? (of the 1 percent of Earth’s population)?


85-90 percent of Pleiadean starseeds are incarnated in Atlantis. 

10-15 percent of Pleidadean starseeds are incarnated on the known Earth (this would represent approximately 8.25m out of 5.5bn).

Background: Previous questions (to be covered further in an ETs Q & A) identified 1 percent of the Earth’s population as starseeds, and of these, the significant majority being of Pleiadean origin.



Q. What was Nikola Tesla’s original time period?


Tesla came from Atlantis to the nineteenth century.

With regard to the suppression of his inventions, he knew how the situation would play out.

Tesla is currently living in the 2022. 

He came here – the present – in his 50s (this would relate to some point between 1906-16, although that would be assuming he spent all his time in that time when he wasn’t here. 

Yeah. This reads as madness to me too. So while Atlantis is in existence now in 5D, depending on when Tesla invented and developed time travel, he is too (if in the last 20,000 years). If you’re willing to run with the notion for a moment, the ramifications are likely to induce brainmelt.


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