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White Hat Operations

The Q & A

As noted in the introduction to the Politicians & Royals Q &A, it would seem an announcement is imminent – in the absence of unforeseen eventualities – so this seems like a good moment to assemble information. As indicated in the introduction to that post, the “current events” side hasn’t been a primary focus, in part because, on the understanding that the matter is in hand, the minutiae of present, ever-changing events – the rehearsed politics, the hows and whens of revelations – are less illuminating than their background and the greater universal – if you like – picture. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Have White Hats won/taken control?





Q. When did the White Hats win/take control?


This year (2022).



Q. Can we expect a global announcement imminently (re corruption)?


Yes (in the next month). (This was asked in late August, but see further below.)



Q. What is the timeframe for an announcement(s) of how the Universe actually works, and how we have been deceived in this regard?


Years, rather than months.



Q. Is the announcement of the Queen’s death the start of the worldwide rollout of corruption announcements/revelations?





Q. Are provisions in place for treatment of the vaccinated?


Yes. (For further on this subject, see the vaccines Q&A.)



Q. Is JFK Jr still alive?





Q. Is JFK Jr a White Hat?



He found out his father was alive as a teenager.

He has been planning what is happening now since the 1990s.



Q. Do the White Hats use clones?



Answers indicated this would not be their preference (it’s a necessity borne of current conditions).



Q. Is Miles Mathis responsible for sharing misinformation and disinformation?


Yes (this arose in relation to discussing JFK and JFK Jr).



Q. Are there still Black Hat operations being defeated?


The Black Hats are defeated.



With regard to a potential stock market/banking crash and ensuing losses of (bank) savings, it was indicated this should not be of concern.



Q. How many executions have taken place?


More than 700 individuals total.

200-300 celebrities.

100 politicians.

35-40 royals.

The remainder come from other areas.



Q. Has the announcement of global corruption been repeatedly delayed?




Q. Have delays been due to unforeseen issues?




Q. How many times have delays occurred?


There have been 20 delays in two years (so this would have been prior to outright victory in some of those cases).

An announcement has been delayed 13 times in 2022.

An announcement was delayed once in October 2022.

There are no current delays, as at 7 November 2022.

Mid-term election results were not of concern in this regard, as at 9 November 2022.



Q. Is EBS planned?





Q. Is 10 days of darkness planned?





Q. Are events in Brazil similar in strategy to those Ukraine (a White Hat operation)?





Q. Was the recent Nancy Pelosi news about exposing her?


Yes. It was also because she reneged on her deal.



Q. Are public executions planned?


Yes. Two. These are pre-recorded.

(Neither of the following represent outright confirmations: One of these may be Hillary. The other was speculated as being Podesta.)



Q. What is the planned timing for revealing the use of doubles and clones?


6-12 months.



Q. What is the planned timing for revealing the involvement of the Vril etc?


2-3 years.

(Presumably, this is looking at a snowball effect in terms of what people can/will have to take on board.)



Q. Is the current mild weather (UK) normal, and reflective of the weather without Black Hat/Dark Forces interference?




Q. Are chemtrails now positive?


Yes. There are now therapeutics in chemtrails, intended to raise our vibrations, wake us up, lift our energies.

These therapeutics have been manufactured both on Earth and off-world.


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