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The Vaccine

The Q & A

The following summarises questions and answers concerning the vaccination programme, mostly asked over the course of 2021. Prescriptive to the following is acknowledging the baseline that there is no virus and that the vaccination programme is nefarious in nature. The second vaccination is also required for the full intended negative effects to be realised. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.






Q. Are provisions in place for treatment of the vaccinated?





Q. When were bad vaccines discontinued? When did this process begin?


The switch over to vaccines without the negative effects took place during 2021.

Addendum 30/11/22: While no negative vaccines and boosters are now entering the system, there are still negative vaccines and boosters in circulation.



Q. Do the boosters have ingredients to counter previous jabs?





Q. Is this why individuals are reporting bad reactions to boosters?


Yes (detox symptoms).



Q. How many have died worldwide as a result of taking the vaccine (who would not have died otherwise)?


Almost 10m.



Q. Were the following in or utilised in producing the vaccine: black goo; graphene; foetal tissue; nanorobots/tech?





The following are all earlier questions (pre-2022).


It should be noted that, throughout the process of questions and answers on this area, it was stressed that situations and potential situations were subject to change.



Shedding (of AI particles) was confirmed as occurring.



The vaccinated would continue shedding for 2-3 days after receiving the second jab, within a proximity of 10 feet.



Second-hand shedding would not occur (so people who hadn’t received the vaccine but had been in proximity to those who had and were shedding would not then shed on to another person).



Answers indicated the vaccine is intended to switch off or blocks three of the chakras, including the third eye. Part of the intention is to disconnect the recipient from Source. This process would also impact overall health, gradually reducing immune function and in due course culminating in potential death threat (over a period up to two years).



Later questioning suggested the enduring concern was less proximity (shedding) than the vaccinated passing bodily fluids to unvaccinated. The danger being alteration of DNA (per shedding, however, those unvaccinated with DNA altered by the vaccinated cannot then themselves alter the DNA of the unvaccinated).



The Anunnaki were identified as behind the programme.



High levels of EMFs were being emitted by the vaccinated (this leading to deleterious effects including headaches among the unvaccinated).



It was asked whether the vaccine was intended to kill, or to serve the transhumanist agenda, with some of those vaccinated surviving to become mind-controlled “transhumans”. The response was that this was not the case (although that may have been part of the agenda). People would die, however.



Vaccinated statistics were being significantly exaggerated.



Q. Is the lung condition that has been the focus of the Covid scare caused by something the sufferers have been intentionally exposed to?


No (emphasised that question needed refining).



Q. Does the lung condition caused have multiple causes?





Q. Is one of those causes 5G?





Q. Is one of those causes vaccines administered (previous vaccines – for example, the flu vaccine – to this one)?






Q. Can 5G act as a trigger where these vaccines have been taken?





Q. Can vaping e-cigarettes, in some cases, be a factor in causing, or cause of, the lung condition?



(This was referencing news reported by American Vagabond relating to a “mysterious vaping illness” in 2019).



Q. Are vaccines and 5G/EM the main factors in causing the lung condition?





Q. It was asked whether satanic ceremony(ies) were performed for the vaccines (referencing a piece in which a demon tells a monk this has taken place).





Q. Is the suggestion that 80% of the vaccines administered are placebos accurate?


80% of those administered are NOT placebos.



Q. Were those supplying the vaccines aware that 20% of vaccines administered are placebos?





Q. Was the reason for this that, if everyone took the vaccine, there would be the desired level of survivors?





Q. Are the boosters intended to catch a portion of the people who weren’t caught by the first two vaccinations?


It is about perpetuation of the plan.



Q. When the unvaccinated are shed on, is this shedding intended to have the same ultimate effect on them as the vaccine is on those who have been vaccinated?





With regard to Ivermectin’s efficacy, it is considered ineffective against the vaccine but effective against the virus (the “virus” being the symptoms caused by EM/earlier vaccines).



Questions regarding reports of babies being born with black irises to vaccinated parents, and one of a nurse talking about three different shots (2 with MRNA, 1 placebo).



Q. Is one of those three shots the nurse talked about designed to have this effect?





Q. Do the 2 types of MRNA have the same ultimate purpose.





Q. Is there the same ultimate purpose of the jab, in relation to the parents (that it will be fatal)?





Q. And that for just one of the jabs, the ingredients are also tailored to alter offspring?


Yes, just those of Astra Zeneca.



Addendum: The following dates from 2021.

This may be beneficial to those who have taken the vaccine. Neprinol. Two pots needed, one cap a day, in conjunction with activated charcoal (find a quality brand). The charcoal should be taken one month on, one month off while taking the Neprinol, and is for clearing the heavy metals.

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