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The Earth – Part II

The Q & A

So where were we? Last time on The Earth, we delved into its shape. Which was quite enough to be getting on with, as incendiary starting points go. The following questions and answers come within the context of the nature of the Earth and its form – and void – but the subject extends itself and crosses over into various other areas of inquiry, so expect to find further referencing and clarifications in future posts, particularly when it comes to the realm beyond the ice wall and the broader universe.

Pertinently, the Convex Earth documentary cited in the first part’s Q & A, while overly generous in some respects – offering an inordinately charitable explanation for why images from space might be deceptive, rather than suggesting they are expressly intended as such –also strays into this territory, inevitable when the essential building blocks are so scattered. Unsurprisingly, Project Avalon Forum consigned the “sky ice” theory to its hoax bin. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is “sky ice” real?





Q. Is sky ice part of the firmament?





Q. Does sky ice form a barrier to the astral?



Follow-ups and further consideration may be appropriate here. As ever, much relates to the choice of words and the meaning derived from them, which may not always be correct. The sense taken was that the sky ice is there to stop us leaving Earth, but since we cannot travel physically in the astral…



Q. Is sky ice composed of water?


Yes. And other ingredients.



Q. Is sky ice composed of the same ingredients as normal ice?



It would appear that, while its ingredients are the same, its constitution is different.

Addendum 09/11/22: This is an example of specificity being required in questioning. While the ingredients are the same, they are not all the same. Likewise, ice wall ice has ingredients that differ from sky ice and ice wall ice.



Q.  Are “asteroid” fragments actually sky ice?



By implication, this would also apply to meteorite fragments (see below).



Q. Is the map of the “stars” imprinted on the firmament’s sky ice?





Q. Does the firmament’s sky ice reach down to the edge of the ice wall and the edge of the realm beyond the ice wall?



Addendum 09/11/22: The firmament’s sky ice touches the ice wall, but the two are not connected to each other.



Q. Do meteorites exist?





Q. Is the Earth stationary in the Universe?





Q. Was the Moon once part of the Earth?





Q. Is the Moon of different dimensional properties to the Earth?**





Q. Is the Moon plasma?***





Q. Is the Sun plasma?





Q. Are the planets in our solar system of different dimensional properties to the Earth?



Obviously, “planets” may be seen as a placeholder term if one finds it too suggestive of what we’ve hitherto been told (by implication, the same applies to the likes of “stars” and “solar system”).



Q. Are the planets’ different dimensional properties: Venus – 4; Jupiter – 5; Uranus – 7; Mercury – 7; Mars – 1; Saturn – 0?*





Q. Are there are eight dimensions in our solar system?





Q. Is the Earth at the centre of the Universe?



This answer will be followed up in a future post. As to the question’s context, it arose from probing the prevailing “wisdom” that the Earth is not special, significant or in any way exclusive in relation to the vastness of the Universe, and neither are we.



Q. Is there an inner Earth (that is, other than large cave systems)?







*This information comes from the Edgar Cayce readings. This is not, however, to imply that all Cayce’s readings should be regarded as accurate.

** The Convex Earth documentary offered the resonant suggestion that the Moon might exist “within a different reality”, and the Solar System “might not even exist”. It also concluded that the Earth does not spin.

*** Plasma Moon theory (it should be clear by this point that you can’t land on it, unless you’re Dougal or Buxton) has been around for a while, well before the Moon “landings”. Professor R Foster – first name on a postcard, please – testified to it as a cosmic plasma phenomenon. Like the Convex Earth guys, he declared that gravity theory was balderdash.


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