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The Q & A

It seems an announcement may be imminent, so it’s probably a judicious time to collate what information gleaned thus far. As I noted in my preamble to the Celebrities Q & A, the current affairs aspect of events hasn’t been my primary focus, mostly because, once you know the White Hats have won, much of the rest follows course. Also because there is so much information, speculation and theory out there, most probably at least have a general gist of the terrain (royals = bad/ satanic/ possibly reptilian/dead, celebs = addicted to adrenochrome/ cloned/ dead/ inverted/ satanic,) even if the specific details can leap about rather. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. How many royals have been executed?


35-40. (More than 700 individuals in total have been executed.)



Q. Are the British royal family Anunnaki hybrids?


They are Draco hybrids. (However, see below for variations on this.)



Q. Is the real Charles still alive?


No. (Note, that this is an example of how questions can fail to take account of the variables, as Charles’ clone(s) is also “Charles” and is still alive.)

Charles has had doubles in the past (but not now).

The original Charles is dead. That Charles was an Anunnaki hybrid.

The Charles we are seeing is a combination of a programmed clone (there is no soul inhabiting and operating it), archive footage and CGI.



Q. Is William alive?


William is dead.

The William we see is a clone.

William began as human. His consciousness became reptilian; he was a nice guy, taken over by Draco. He was possessed by Draco at the age of 21.



Q. Is Harry alive?


Harry is alive (he is not a hybrid).

The original Harry was with his mother, and a cloned Harry was with the royals (for a period). The royals were unaware he was a clone.



Q. Is Kate alive?





Q. Was Kate born female?





Q. Is Meghan alive?


Meghan is dead.



Q. Was Meghan born female?





Q. Are the royals all/most Anunnaki hybrids?



See above: they are Draco hybrids. But see also the following.



Q. Was Philip a reptilian hybrid?


Philip was entirely reptilian (he was not a hybrid).

With regard to Philip sporting a black eye (in both 2013 and 2015), the specifics aren’t clear. The black eye was real. He was not soul scalped/Vril’d. It did have something to do with Vril, though.



Q. Was the Queen a hybrid?


Elizabeth was human.

She was soul scalped (not by Vril). She was not a hybrid. She was not black goo’d. She was not chipped.



Q. Was the Queen Mother a hybrid?


The Queen Mother was reptilian.



Q. Was Donald Marshall’s account that Elton John was soul scalped and his body taken over accurate?



(Note: this account involved the Queen Mother operating Elton’s body. This part was not specifically confirmed.)

Addendum (16/08/23): This should have been the Queen, not the Queen Mother.



Q. Was Queen Victoria born male?





Q. Was Queen Victoria a hybrid?


She was an Anunnaki hybrid.



Q. Is Princess Diana alive?




Q. Is Princess Diana a White Hat?



She faked her own death. There was nothing the Black Hats could do about it.

She lived beyond the ice wall for a while, with other humans.

These humans are in contact with other ET races including Pleiadeans.



Q. Is Princess Diana married to Donald Trump?





Q. Was Jackie Kennedy born male?





Q. Is Putin a White Hat?


Yes. Putin is alive. He has both a clone and a double.



Q. Is Hillary Clinton dead?





Q. Is Bill Clinton dead?


No. He is alive (we are not seeing a clone or a double).



Q. Is Obama dead?





Q. Is Angela Merkel Hitler’s daughter?





Q. Is Barbara Bush Alistair Crowley’s daughter?





Q. Is Mark Zuckerberg a Rockefeller?



He is alive. He’s a Black Hat and incarcerated.



Q. Is JFK (Sr) still alive?





Q. Was JFK (Sr) a White Hat?



He faked his death with the assistance of the Black Hats.

Addendum 25/03/24: This one warrants significant amendment (pesky clones). See White Hats 14.



Q. Is RFK still alive?



He was a Black Hat.



Q. Is Donald Trump a White Hat?





Q. Was Donald Trump always a White Hat?





Q. Is the Trump family connection to Nikola Tesla one that had positive intent and action behind it?


Yes (Trump’s family history is one of White Hats).



Q. Does Trump have a double?





Q. Is Melania Trump’s real wife?


No. Trump’s real wife is Princess Diana.



Q. Was Melania Trump born male?





Q. Is Rishi Sunak a clone?



His black eye was optics.



Q. Is Boris Johnson alive?



Boris is a White Hat. He’s always been a White Hat.



Q. Is Boris Johnson’s dad (Stanley) a Black Hat?




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